Anxious About Going To The Dentist? 5 Tips To Calm Your Nerves

One of the most common fears for most people is going to the dentist due to the pain that is often experienced. From getting wisdom teeth extracted to going in for a routine cleaning, it can be difficult to stay calm during the appointment and feel relaxed. To calm your nerves and feel less stressed, there are a few tips to follow to feel less anxious.

1. Get to Know the Staff

Get to know the staff at the dentist to ensure that you feel comfortable with the dental professionals that will be working on your teeth. Getting to know each person on a personal level will allow you to feel more comfortable and will build trust with the relationships. Good dentists and assistants will talk to you about things other than your oral care, which should help ease the nerves.

2. Ask What You Can Expect

Instead of having a fear of the unknown, ask your dentist what you can expect with work that needs to be done on your teeth, even if it’s just to get a cavity filled. You can also ask how long the treatment will take to ensure that you feel more in control and know what to expect. Ask them to give you specifics along the way so you aren’t surprised when they are working on your teeth.

3. Bring Something to Read

Allow yourself to stay distracted in the waiting room or in the dental chair by bringing something to read or a tablet to play on. It will help to pass the time and will keep your mind off of the surrounding noises or activity that occurs. Many dentists now offer television or movies to watch during the appointment for an easy way to stay busy.

4. Find a Dentist That Offers Sedation Dentistry

To reduce your fear of experiencing pain while visiting the dentist, find a professional that offers sedation dentistry. This will reduce the anxiety that you feel about any discomfort that may be experienced with a surgery or procedure that you need to undergo.

5. Bring a Friend

Going solo to the dentist can heighten nerves, making it important to bring a friend along who can help you feel at ease. Having someone you know nearby can offer a sense of security throughout the appointment and can help lighten your mood.
Instead of avoiding the dentist or skipping routine exams, you can reduce your fear by practicing a few tips that will help you to feel more comfortable. With the right steps established, it can make going to the dentist easier and will reduce any fears that may not be realistic.
Informational credit to Kucey Dental Group.