Are Natural Supplements Safe for You?

Vitamins and minerals are important; we know that. These are components that our body needs in small amounts. They are organic compounds that our body uses for metabolic processes. Most of these vitamins and minerals are supplied to the body through the food that we eat. However, there are conditions that require the body to take vitamins and mineral supplements to correct deficiencies.

A person can take vitamins and minerals in synthetic form, but research proves that the vitamins from food are better than those in pills. Even though these pills are synthesized and processed to the exact chemical composition that gives the same effect as the natural-taken vitamins, they don’t have the same effect. However, in a world where fast food abound, one can hardly take in the necessary amount of vitamins, making consumption of nutritional supplements necessary.

Below are some of those who need the benefit of these supplements most.

1. Pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding – 

Pregnant women in particular need this because they need to share the vitamins and minerals they get from food to another body (the baby). The vitamins and minerals from their food intake may not be enough anymore for two bodies.

2. People with vices – 

Alcohol drinking, cigarette smoking, and usage of illegal drug users are practices that produce more free radicals in the body. A higher number of free radicals means more cell and body damage. Supplements are thus needed to supply the body with compounds that will help it fight against damage and diseases caused by the damage.

3. Crash dieters, vegetarians, people allergic to particular foods – 

To make sure that they do not miss out on important nutrients, these people need to take supplementation. 
If you are thinking of taking in supplements, here are two important questions to consider before you do so:

1. Do I need this?

It would do you well to remember that supplements cannot and should not substitute a healthy diet. If you already have the recommended food nutrient, then you might no longer get any benefit from taking supplements. In some cases, supplements and fortified food may lead to excessive vitamin and mineral intake which can be harmful to the body.

2. Should I talk to my doctor about taking vitamin/mineral supplements?

Definitely. Your doctor is the one who knows the right nutrients for you. Some supplements may carry side effects that are important for you to know. You cannot just take a pill and get shocked of its side effects. It’s always best to be sure.
In short, before taking any vitamin/mineral supplement, make sure that it is necessary and safe. Do that by consulting health care professionals as they are the ones who know best regarding this.
Again, no supplement can replace a healthy diet and lifestyle. It has always been best to go natural. But if you need to, don’t forget to consider the points. Your body is sensitive and reactive. Don’t forget to be careful. Always put safety on top.