Your Simple 3-Day Diet Detox

Many think that because you will put your body through a lot of strain and stress detox can be a scary experience and it should be something of a last resort. However, a detox does not have to be scary nor does it have to be painful. If you are detoxifying your body regularly then you have nothing to worry about, and you are doing your body and your immune system a big favor. Moreover, by now you got your body used to a relaxing program of cleansing.

Increase antioxidant levels

Antioxidants are an important part to help your body cleanse itself from free radicals and poisons and toxins in your body. It is important that during the detox diet you eat a lot of brightly colored fruits and vegetables, as these contain a lot of helpful antioxidants. Furthermore, you can also choose from a variety of whole grains and beans too. Spinach, kale and cranberries are perhaps one of your best choices as they are rich in antioxidants and in other minerals and vitamins which will help your body detoxify naturally.
The 3-day diet detox includes a lot of antioxidants as most come in a form which helps your liver create enzymes that dissolve poisons and toxins so that your body can flush them out more easily and without any issues to your body. Do not forget to drink a lot of water in the meantime as it will help you get rid of harmful substances faster.

Sulfur compounds

Eating lots of garlic, onions, eggs and other foods rich with sulfuric compounds is important because it helps your body produce antioxidants on its own, and it helps preserve your cells while kicking out all the harmful substances. And it also helps with flushing out heavy metals and other metallic harmful toxins. Although many do not like the taste of garlic and onions, you should implement them in your daily diet as it strengthens your immunes system and bolsters your body to cleanse itself.

Drink water

For any detox diet it is important to drink a lot of water as it will speed up and enhance your natural biological ways of flushing out toxins from your body. Furthermore, drinking water is important because it will keep your well hydrated and will also help you maintain proper bodily functions.
On the other hand, it is also a good idea to drink a lot of tea. Because teas are usually from herbs that help you relax and soothe you, they are great in detoxifying your body. Also, there are many detox teas available which help you cleanse your body from toxins and poisons. As an added bonus water does not only purify you from the inside, it also helps you look more beautiful.

Do not eat processed

Avoiding processed food is also a way to help your body clean itself. Additives, sugars and fats are only helping your body in creating a fake addiction that will be having you crave unnatural and processed foods that are only creating more toxins in your body. Instead of eating fast food and handled foods, opt for organic and healthy food which will be filled with more nutrients and will fill your up more.

Snack lightly and wisely

Instead of reaching for chocolate an similar fatty foods, it is better to eat nuts, salads and fruits as it will leave you satisfied for longer and you will be not bringing in more toxins that you will have to flush out later.

The 3-day diet detox

Although this diet is intended for a 3-day detox, it is not a bad idea to continue this routine longer. It is important to continue for at least a full month, because this is how long it will take you to get off the addictive toxins in your body. Also, it will take you a few weeks to completely flush your body from toxins.
Adopting a healthier lifestyle and continuing this simple detox diet will make sure that your body is healthy and that you will feel energized, refreshed and also slimmer. It is important to exercise a few times a week to have the full effect.