Is Organic Wine a Key to Antiaging?

Some of the researches show that people in France and Spain have a lot less cases of heart attacks, cholesterol and triglycerides. Since it cannot really be said that food there is much different than in the rest of the world, there must be something else. Researches show that they have a culture and habits of drinking wine with every meal, much more than people usually do in other countries. There are many beneficial things about wine and it might just be the key to keeping young and fit. Here are the ways the wine is good for you and the diseases it helps curing.


Both red and white wine have a substance in them that is called resveratrol. However, the red wine has a lot more of it than the white wine. This substance is important because it helps the blood vessels stay flexible and open. This ensures enough oxygen for the brain and therefore, moderate wine drinkers actually have less chances to suffer from dementia.


This is also when resveratrol comes into play. It helps a certain enzyme to protect the nervous cells maintain healthy and well. Therefore, once a stroke happens, recovery relies on the nervous cells and their ability to protect themselves. In other words, drinking red wine will make them better and well protected.


There are many types of cancers with which drinking wine can be beneficial and can help you recover. To name a few, these are lung cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer. As for the breast cancer, the secret is in the grape seed which reduces the estrogen levels in women which usually increases the rise of cancer cells. Therefore, drinking red wine can prevent this from happening. Antioxidants and resveratrol also help with the lung function and prevent cancer there as well.

Liver Diseases

While liver diseases are usually related to the excessive alcohol consumption, moderate quantities of wine can actually help it function better. Researches show that people who drink red wine regularly and in a moderate way have significantly lower chances of getting fatty liver disease.
There are many more things that wine can help you with. Many diseases are less likely to develop if you drink moderately. Drinking moderately usually means one unit of alcohol per day for women and up to two units of alcohol per day for men.
The main question remains, what it is in wine that makes it such a beneficial drink. Monks in Europe who drank a glass of wine regularly every day had significantly longer lifespan than other people. There is definitely something about wine that makes is anti-aging elixir. From the list of diseases that wine helps curing, it is obvious that the chemical resveratrol is being mentioned frequently. It is found in skin and seed of grape, as well as in some nuts and berries. This chemical has been experimented with on mice and it has been proven that it prolongs their lifespan. It works in a way that it improves the blood vessels and helps the protective system of nervous cells. That is all you need for staying young – good oxygen supply and healthy nervous cells. 
However, not all wine is that good. In order to make the most of its beneficial traits, you have to make sure that you are having and consuming the real organic red wine. Organic wine is produced with the least possible use of chemicals. Also, the grapes used for it should be treated with the least possible amounts of pesticides, ideally without them whatsoever. There are many recipes for producing this sort of organic wine and some of them even originate from those old monasteries.
Besides fighting off depression and being rich with antioxidants that keep you young, let’s not forget about the obvious great property of wine and that is making you feel less stressed. A glass of organic  wine a day can help you ease up for a while and that is something that is very important for your health. If you are too tense, your nervous system and the nerves will become affected. Regulating this tension with delicious and organic wine is just the thing to keep you young and happy.