Food Your Children Should Be Eating For Stronger Teeth In The Future

As parents, you always want the best for your children. You want the best school, best health, and best chance to succeed in life. Healthy teeth are just one part of a child’s healthy life – an important one since the mouth is the window to overall health.When it comes to teeth, the best fortifying foods for continued strength may come as a surprise.

Here are a few foods to encourage your child to eat for improved oral health:


Okay, technically it’s not a food. This miracle liquid is not just the best way to hydrate your child’s body. It’s the best way to prevent tooth decay by keeping saliva levels high. Saliva actually helps fight acids that break down enamel.


The kids will be thrilled about this one! Cocoa is actually good for teeth. It contains an ingredient that helps reduce gum inflammation. Of course, moderation is key, as is the kind of chocolate you buy. Dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa is best.


This one might seem obvious because of the calcium factor, but cheese is a tooth fortifying food for one much more important reason. It contains casein, a family of proteins responsible for fortifying the tooth’s surface. This one is great news for most parents! It’s usually already a cornerstone of your child’s diet.

Apples & Celery

Did you know apples and celery are like Mother Nature’s toothbrushes? Eating an apple or piece of celery a day is not only good for your child internally; it’s good for their teeth because it gently cleanses each tooth’s surface as it’s being eaten. Apples also aid in boosting saliva, which can prevent tooth decay according to Eastgate Dental Centre, Burlington dental.


Yep! That shouldn’t require the begging and pleading required to get other types of healthy foods into your child’s mouth. The vitamin C in strawberries is a key producer of collagen, a protein needed for maintaining strong gums. How many strawberries do you need? Just a handful a day provides about 70 percent of the vitamin C every child needs. Other foods high in vitamin C worth noting include red bell peppers, green bell peppers, papayas, and cauliflower.