Getting the Most from Your Electronic Cigarette

Whether you are trying to quit smoking traditional cigarettes, want a way to smoke indoors, or simply want an alternative to lighting up; e-cigarettes offer many useful features that can make them superior to old-fashioned tobacco products. In fact, around 2.1 million adults use e-cigarettes in the UK alone, and that number has been rising steadily over the past few years. If you decide to give e-cigarettes a try, then you may be wondering how to keep your unit in the best shape so that it last as long as possible, especially if you have brought one of the more expensive models, and so here are a few tips to keep yours lasting for years to come.

Learn to refill properly

It’s important to refill your e-cigarette properly, as this will ensure you get a proper flow of liquid and don’t damage the unit. Most models come with thorough instructions, and there’s also plenty of information online about how to replace cartridges and troubleshoot problems such as the bottom getting stuck.

Get a case

Putting your e-cigarette in your back pocket or handbag can cause damage to the unit, and therefore it’s essential to keep it well protected. Some models come with their own case, and it’s wise to keep this to transport your e-cigarette around. This also makes it harder to lose, and can stop your e-cigarette from being picked up by children or borrowed by friends.

Learn to clean your unit

Some e-cigarettes will come with cleaning brushes and other extras to keep them in top shape; otherwise you can usually clean them very easily by:
  • Wiping the tissues around the threads
  • Remove the battery and clean the cavity with a cotton bud
  • Regularly wash and dry the mouthpiece to prevent bacteria build up
  • Follow the instructions included with your device for any specialist cleaning tips
Cleaning your device properly will ensure that there’s no build up of old liquid, and that you keep the mouthpiece clean and fresh. This can help your e-cigarette to last longer and keep a fresh taste.

Check the coil

If you have used your device for a while, your coil can get covered in a layer of carbon and this can make your vape start to taste strange. This can also cause popping or bubbling of your liquid, which is often due to the liquid build up. It’s easy to buy and replace an e-cigarette coil for the vast majority of popular models, and there are plenty of tutorials online to show you how to do the job yourself.

Learn to smoke

Most of the damaged caused to e-cigarettes is by people using them improperly, and therefore it’s essential to learn to smoke your e-cigarette. Your unit will come with instructions, so make sure your read them, even if you are an experienced smoker, as all models vary. Inhaling and exhaling properly will also give you the best experience with your e-cigarette, and means that you will enjoy it for longer.

Buy approved accessories

When you are buying extras such as spare cartridges, it’s essential to choose a reputable manufacturer whose products have gone through rigorous testing, and to only buy accessories that have been made to fit your model. By learning to spot fake e-cigarettes, you can be sure that you spend your money on a well made and safe unit, and this will last longer than counterfeit brands.
A good way to ensure your e-cigarette is safe is to buy from a reputable seller in your home country. Beware of buying from auction sites or from market stalls, as these will often be products imported from abroad that may have been counterfeited or not made to local regulations.
An e-cigarette can be useful for all kinds of people, from those who enjoy smoking but not the taste of cigarettes, to those cutting down, and it means that you can often smoke in public places, with few pubs and clubs choosing to ban e-cigarettes indoors. By following the above instructions you can be sure that your investment in your unit is safe, and that it’ll last for as long as you want to use it.
Author Bio
Alice Harrison loves writing about many things, including health related topics. She currently works as a freelance writer for Nucig Ltd, one of the leading suppliers of electronic cigarettes and accessories in the UK.