5 Proven Ways to Sustain Your Macular Health

One of the many reasons people experience eye health problems is because they are not proactive in preserving their macular health. Over your lifetime, you could easily experience a range of eye health challenges stemming from health and lifestyle habits. Here are five proven ways to sustain your macular health.

Link between diet and eye health

One of the easiest ways to improve eye health is through diet. In a study by the Archives of Opthalmology, it was found that people who embraced a Mediterranean-style diet were less likely to have problems with their vision as they age. Foods like fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts and olive oil are found to promote eye health while diets full of processed foods were shown to affect eye health.

Dry eye and supplementation recommendations

People who have issues with conditions like dry eye can benefit from having a diet rich in certain supplements. The recommended dietary changes include incorporating beta carotene, vitamin C, lutein, zinc and copper can slow macular degeneration rooted in the dry eye condition.

Eye breaks for everyone

Many people must work at a computer for eight hours or more a day. Students and professionals alike have to spend an inordinate amount of time in front of their computers. While working, reading, studying or researching for hours at a time, an occasional eye break is needed. Optometrists Clinic Inc recommends that for every 50 minutes you spend reading or working, you should take at least ten minutes to relax the eyes.

Rest, healing and eye health

Another important factor in eye health is getting proper rest. One of the easiest things one can do is to sleep for up to eight hours each day to allow the eyes to rest. Sleep deprivation can affect macular health by weakening the eyes.

Even the eyes benefit from exercise

Performing eye exercises can also improve eye health. Consider how much time is spent focusing on small images and viewing mobile devices. Eye exercises can go a long way in helping one improve their overall eye health. The focus exercise includes holding a pen in the hand toward the center of the face and then gradually moving it outward and inward. Another exercise is rubbing both hands together in order to create friction and then placing both hands over the eyes for three separate, five-second intervals.

While you may find that some age-related and other eye conditions are hereditary in nature or otherwise unavoidable, there are things that can be done to preserve and improve a person’s eye health. These are five proven ways to sustain your macular health.