4 Outrageous Tooth Care Myths Debunked

A bright smile with perfect teeth that are free of gum disease will make you feel better and more prone to smiling, which helps you lessen stress and to promote a positive self-image. The simple fact is that your dental health affects your overall health in numerous ways.

What isn’t so simple are some of the myths floating about pertaining to dental hygiene. Let’s debunk some of the most infamous tooth care myths today.

1. Whitening Harms Your Teeth

Most forms of tooth whitening affect only the pigmentation of the teeth. This means that it doesn’t wear or weaken the enamel.

What too much tooth whitening can do is to make your teeth appear translucent. Ensure that you follow the directions of any home whitening system to prevent this from happening to you.

2. Only Inadequate Brushing Leads to Bad Breath

There are numerous causes of bad breath. Only one of those causes marks you as bad at brushing your teeth.

If you have bad breath, it could be something as simple as the foods that you eat or a bacterial infection in your throat.

3. Bleeding Gums Shouldn’t be Brushed

Bleeding gums are one of the most prominent signs of gum disease. A little bit of blood and tenderness tends to make people with bleeding gums want to stop brushing altogether.

The truth is that brushing bleeding gums is generally a good idea, as it helps to break up bacterial deposits and to ward off the advance of gingivitis into periodontal disease.

The dentists at Any Day Dental in Nevada recommend that you brush with a soft brush and to floss gently if you experience bleeding or tender gums. You should also go in for a checkup to ensure that your condition does not progress further.

4. Eating Sugar Will Harm Your Teeth

The simple truth is that only acid and physical trauma to your teeth will lead to your teeth being damaged. Sugar itself is relatively harmless, it’s the bacteria that clings to your teeth that isn’t.

When you eat sugar, this bacteria produces acid. It’s the acid that wears down your enamel and eventually causes cavities, which is why those hard-to-reach spots are usually the most cavity-prone.

Brushing your teeth and flossing to remove this bacteria will prevent it from producing the acid that hurts your teeth.

Promoting Accurate Dental Knowledge

There are still a myriad of myths out there, but the above four are the most prominent. By following your dentist’s directions and regularly visiting him, you’ll ensure that you can worry less about your teeth and that you will have a brighter smile.