Treating Angina with EECP Therapy

One of the most effective ways for treating stable angina is to avail EECP treatment. Stable angina is known to occur when less blood along with less oxygen reaches specific parts of the heart. It manifests itself as shoulder, jaw or chest pain. At the time of stable angina, heart muscles are not lost. This is because stable angina is regarded to be a chronic condition, which is known to cause less damage in the heart, however, can be prove to be life altering and uncomfortable. In this case, eecp treatment for heart can be regarded to be the most effective treatment for those having stable angina.

What takes place during EECP therapy session?

This type of treatment just takes about an hour or two to complete. It occurs 5 days in a week and is continued for 7 weeks. It is performed in the outpatient setting. While conducting EECP therapy, patient has to lie down in the hospital bed. Some blood pressure cuffs get placed in different positions of the legs of the patients. The patient then gets hooked to the cardiac monitor, which allows the physician and the technician to monitor the heart activity of the patient. Blood pressure cuffs tend to inflate and then squeeze the legs. Inflation of blood pressure cuffs gets synced for occurring while heart is taking rest.

How the therapy can stop stable angina?

When the blood pressure cuffs tend to inflate, the blood present in the legs are forced to move into the heart. It causes increase in blood flow to heart at the time of treatment. However, over a period of time, the blood flow now widens the small collateral arteries present within the heart. Then eventually, the arteries do become much larger and supply blood flow to heart. This enhanced blood flow now lowers angina incidents by a huge margin.

Benefits derived from EECP therapy

This therapy is completely non-invasive. It is carried out as outpatient procedure, but by a qualified and experienced healthcare professional. It effectively means that the therapy no longer needs long rehabilitation time such as the other treatments. This treatment does effectively lower down the angina and permits the patient in being active without actually having to bother about the angina. Furthermore, it does diminish the requirement of angina medicine and is completely safe.

Eligibility for undergoing the therapy

This specific therapy is present for those individual having stable angina. In case, the patient is not in a position to undergo invasive treatment because of conditions that prevent surgery, then EECP is strongly recommended. The patient who does not receive any kind of relief from drugs is also eligible candidates to undergo EECP therapy.

This therapy is, undoubtedly, a great alternate treatment for the patients, who are not able to get relief especially from stable angina that is carried through traditional means. There are plenty of websites that discuss a lot about this type of treatment and doing a thorough research can indeed help the individual to understand more about them and to make a well informed decision.

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