These 5 Secrets To Making Eyelash Extensions Last Longer Can Extend Their Life For Two To Three Months

Although getting eyelash extensions can be tedious, they’re definitely worth it. Just ask any woman who’s gotten them.
When you get eyelash extensions, not only are your lashes longer, but they’re much fuller too. And it doesn’t hurt that your makeup routine gets cut in half – no more having to coat your lashes with 4 coats of mascara. And since they’re so dramatic looking, you don’t have to wear other eye make-up, if you choose not to.
So now that you’re in love with them, of course, you’ll want to make them last as long as you can. The following 5 secrets to making your eyelash extensions last longer – at least two to three months—will help you extend their lives as long as you can.

Secret #1 to making eyelash extensions last longer: sleep on your back

This may seem a little weird if you don’t already sleep on your back, and perhaps a little uncomfortable. But this little trick makes a big difference, especially right after your application.
The glue takes quite a while to dry completely, and you don’t want to get funky kinks in your eyelashes, so lying on your back ensures that you’ll keep them safe while you’re sleeping.
When you sleep on your side or on your stomach your eyelashes connect with your pillow; this can cause them to fall out. 
But, don’t worry, you don’t have to sleep on your back the entire time you have your extensions. After a night or two, you can go back to the way you usually sleep.
You may also want to keep your hair away from you face so it doesn’t irritate your extensions and make them itchy.

Secret #2 to making eyelash extensions last longer: keep them lubricated

You’re probably thinking that you need to keep your eyelash extensions dry because you’re scared they’ll fall off, but the opposite is true.
When you keep your eyelash extensions lubricated, they stay nicer and last longer because, when they are moist, they stay more flexible.
For maintenance, all you have to do is make sure you wash them thoroughly, and put some lotion on them using your fingers to blend it in – softly. Don’t be too rough.
If you don’t wash them often, dirt and make-up will work into the glue bond and cause it to breakdown. As well, there can be such a large buildup of make-up, debris, dust and dirt that the extensions will start sticking to that, and not your natural lashes, which can cause them to fall out prematurely.

Secret #3 to making eyelash extensions last longer: be kind to them

Again, don’t be too rough with your eyelash extensions and treat them kindly. When you take off your eye make-up, go over your eye lid area very gently with a cleansing wipe. Don’t use puffs or cotton pads because they are quite rough, and balls can leave cotton behind (and you don’t want that).  Not only will it look wonky, but if you try to take them out, you may accidently pull off the extension or pull out your natural eyelash.
As well, treating them roughly may weaken the extensions over time, and that wouldn’t be a pretty site if a lot of them fell off.

Secret #4 to making eyelash extensions last longer: don’t play with them

You may have a strong urge to play with your extensions or touch them a lot because they fascinate you a little bit, but don’t.  Your natural eyelashes shed, so when you have extensions on them this growth helps to push them off.
If an extension looks like it moved, don’t twist it or pull it off because you may lose your natural lash. You can use a spoolie wand, or tweezers to put them back in place.
Never pull on your eyelashes. If one comes loose, let it fall off naturally. Then make an appointment with your technician to have it replaced.

Secret #5 to making eyelash extensions last longer: comb them

To stop your eyelash extensions from criss-crossing, you can use a spoolie wand and brush them out.
When you comb out your extension, close your eye and put the spoolie on the top of your eyelashes, then slowly roll the brush over your lashes so they stay defined and in order.
The better you take care of your eyelash extensions, the longer you can enjoy them.
This article was written by Meighan Sembrano, a writer on health related matters. Meighan shares her personal experience with eyelash extensions.