Muscle Physiotherapy – Best Remedy for Injured Muscles

Muscle injury is quite common and can happen for a majority of reasons. It may happen because of our sleeping posture or we might hurt our muscles while playing any game as well. In fact muscle injury can occur for an indefinite number of reasons. So if you are suffering from muscle injury then the first thing that you need to do is visit the doctor, and tell him the kind of pain you are suffering from. Don’t hesitate to explain in detail.  Until and unless you explain in detail the doctor will not be able to suggest you the proper remedy. Generally physiotherapy treatments are suggested for muscle injury so that the right exercise can bring you back to your old glory.

Muscle injury occurs mainly when the muscles are pulled beyond its normal capacity. It can also occur because the muscle I torn or has swelled up or is bruised. As a result you will feel a constant pain in the area and will experience difficulty in moving the concerned part of the body. Depending on the severity of the muscle injury the doctors recommend the kind of physiotherapy treatments one needs to undergo. Some of these treatments are mentioned below:

•    Cold Therapy: 

one popular technique of bringing the swelling and strain under control is through a cold therapy. In this treatment either ice pack is used or ice massage is recommended. The ice helps to cool down the tension in the muscle and hence the swelling subsides.

•    Heat Therapy: 

In this therapy heat is used to being the pain under control (as is evident from the name). The heat used helps to relieve the stiffness and decrease the pain. In fact it also helps to relieve the muscle tissue within a short span of time. Generally any one of the following is used:

o    Hot compress
o    Hot moist pack (HMP)
o    Ultrasound

In most of the cases, the use of heat therapy is avoided in the first few days of the injury especially when the swelling is still present. Only when the swelling has subsided that it is best to opt for this therapy. It is advisable to contact your doctor regarding this therapy. He is at a better position to recommend when to opt for this treatment.

Is heat therapy appropriate for sports injury?

In case of a sports injury a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator or TENS unit is used to relieve the individual of his pain. This TENS is a small unit device which transfers small electrical impulses to the skin via electrodes. Use of this device might help to relieve the pain but it is best to use this device under the guidance of a doctor.

In addition to the different therapies, majority of the doctors recommend physiotherapy exercise in order to bring the pain and stiffness under control. Carrying out different types of exercises is an important part of muscle strain physiotherapy rehabilitation. Ask your physiotherapist to teach you several exercises that can be carried out at home and can be easily practiced without any kind of monitoring or supervision. After a few weeks of exercise you will automatically notice that your muscle flexibility and movement of the concerned body part has improved a lot. The kind of exercises that you will practice will be chosen by your physiotherapist depending on the kind of muscle strain you are suffering from. Some of the popular exercises include the following:

•    Range of motion exercises
•    Stretching exercises
•    General conditioning exercises
•    Progressive strengthening exercises

In several cases, exercise and therapies are not enough; one might have to undergo surgery as well. But whether you need surgery or not will be decided by your doctor depending on the condition of your muscle strain or the muscles torn. But whatever the case, physiotherapy exercises are a must in order to ensure the flexibility and proper movement of the body part. Your physiotherapist and your doctor are the best persons to decide on the kind of treatment that is required by you. Don’t forget that the main aim of your treatment should be to minimize the pain so that you can regain the flexibility of the concerned body part and are able to carry out all your normal and daily activities. 

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