Missing a Tooth? All You Should Know About Tooth Implants

Missing one or more teeth is about much more than the appearance of one’s smile. In just a short period of time, gaps in a smile could lead to a series of serious health conditions and may even be indicative of other oral health issues that are taking place. For the 20 percent of adults that are at a high risk of tooth loss, it may be time to take a fresh look at dental implants to fully restore the function and aesthetics of one’s smile.

A Look at Dental Implants

Every dental implant is comprised of two primary components: the crown and the post. The post is a titanium rod that is anchored directly into the jaw in order to create a platform for the crown. Titanium is often used in the field of medicine due to its resistance to many forms of bacteria as well as its strength. Once the bone and soft tissue around the post has healed, the custom-made crowns are attached and will often last for 40 years or longer with the proper care.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

Dental implants have quickly become one of the most popular options for the long-term restoration of one’s smile, but not every single patient will make the perfect candidate. The success is at over 90 percent for a successful fusion between the post and the jaw, but any serious oral health conditions could increase the risk of the body rejecting the posts. Luckily, anyone with relatively decent oral health and strong bones is a very good candidate for dental implants.

The Health Benefits of Dental Implants

As previously stated, dental implants from places like True Bite Oral Surgery and Implant Center in Salinas, CA, are about much more than simply improving the appearance of the smile, or even the patient’s ability to eat and speak with comfort. When a tooth is lost, both the soft tissue and bones around the gap will be negatively impacted. The surrounding teeth, if there are any, will begin to slouch inwards and will lose quite a bit of strength. The area of the jaw in which the lost tooth was located will also begin to deteriorate over time.

The Procedure

This procedure is more advanced and hassle-free than ever, often only requiring a handful of trips to the dentist or implant specialist. After thoroughly inspecting the mouth and ensuring there are no issues with one’s oral health, the posts will be anchored into the jaw. After the area has fully healed, crowns that perfectly match the size, shape, and color of the surrounding teeth will be attached and will often last for decades on end.

Missing teeth is one oral health and cosmetic problem that no patient should struggle with. Dental implants are more effective than ever and will allow patients to smile, eat, and speak with confidence once again.