Are Hair Extensions the Right Choice for Me?

Whether you’ve got a short bob that you’re tired of, or you’re struggling to grow your hair below shoulder length, hair extension are a popular solution for women all around the world. From quality permanent extensions to temporary ones that can be worn and removed at your convenience, they can give you those long flowing locks without the wait. However as there are a variety of methods, not to mention price and quality, on the market, it can be difficult to decide whether to get them or not.

Your Doubts, Answered

If you’re reading this, your main doubts probably lie in the quality of hair extensions. Everyone knows someone who has had a bad experience with hair extensions, either because the results looked tacky and fake, or because it led to long-term hair damage. True, many people do get bad results from extensions, but the chances are that they’ve gone for a cheap option with someone who wasn’t a professional. This technique has come a long way over the years, and at a salon you can not only get 100% human hair to match the colours and style of your own, but skilled application that will last longer, look better and protect your real hair.

Clip In or Permanent

Clip in extensions are popular amongst those on a tight budget, and anyone who wants to experiment with longer hair before going for a more permanent solution. Of course, when we say permanent this usually means anything between 6 weeks to 4 months. However this still makes it worthwhile to invest in the beautiful locks that you desire. And if you look after your extensions well by avoiding strong chemicals or heat on the bonds, you can really stretch the longevity of your extensions. Clip in extensions, on the other hand, become worn and lose their vibrancy quite quickly if you intend to use them frequently or daily. Therefore you will probably spend more in the long run by replacing them.

Shaping Your Style

Although hair extensions aren’t usually recommended for women with hair shorter than 5cm, it can be a great way to add length and texture to shorter cuts such as bobs. What’s more, you can experiment with colour and style to give you a unique look that can freshen up your whole appearance. Maybe you want a slightly different tint to offset your blonde or brown locks, or perhaps you have thin hair that needs thickening out a little. Whatever the case, a professional stylist will work with you to achieve the look that you’ve always wanted, by using quality natural hair in a range of colours and types.
The most important rule about hair extensions is not to compromise on quality. If you can’t afford to get them done just yet, it’s much better to save up to secure real hair extensions that are sourced from a reputable brand and applied by a professional. When done correctly, extensions can give you natural looking longer locks that will really transform your hair.
Article by Kelly Gilmour-Grassam, freelance copywriter and Yorkshire lass who loves picking up her backpack and eating her way around the world. Article written with helpful information from RM-UK.