7 Signs Your Loved One is Using Drugs

Finding out that a loved one is addicted to drugs is an extremely difficult thing for any individual. Sometimes it is hard to accept and difficult to process, but denial is even worse. It is important not to ignore the problem if someone suspects that their loved one may be on drugs and be on the lookout for certain signs.

Changes in Behavior
 If a loved one is experiencing a lot of ups and downs in their behavior on a daily bases that can often be due to drug use. They can be high on life, happy and laughing at one moment only to be down, moody or depressed a few hours later. If they are overly eccentric, moody or groggy, it could be due to the influence of drugs.
Changes in Physical Appearance
 When someone has fallen into drugs, their physical appearance often falls with them. Their hair and skin will be dirty, teeth will be brown and they will seem to have lost all interest being presentable. Other physical signs can be if they have lost a lot of weight or their face is sunken in. If they are shaky throughout the day it may be due to their body reacting to a lack of drug fixes. It is also important to pay attention to the eyes. Redness in the eyes, over dilated pupils and overly contracted pupils are all signs of drug use.
Changes in Appetite
 If someone appears to have lost all interest in food it may be due to taking drugs that have decreased the user’s appetite. Certain drugs can also increase the appetite, so it is important to pay attention to appetite changes going both ways.
Lost Interests
 Another sign can be lost interest in activities that used to be enjoyable. Once an individual gets far enough into drugs, they are all that is on their mind. Try to pay attention to what teams or clubs they are involved in, whether they have been skipping meetings or practices and if they have been missing shifts at work. 

Lack of Energy
 Once the high from a drug wears off, users tend to feel extremely drained and weak. If someone is spending a lot more time sleeping, or if their walk appears to be strained, it may be due to the aftereffects of drug use. Drug users can be on a high and feel extremely happy and optimistic, but once the drug wears off, energy will quickly become lost in the fogginess.
Changing Friends
 Pay attention to the people they are spending their time with, if old friends have stopped coming around and they are going out with new people on a regular basis that have never been seen before. Also, if those new people appear to have some of the same physical symptoms, then it may be a sign that they are into drugs themselves.
Unexplained Money Loss 
If money troubles are arising without much explanation it may be because their money is going towards their addiction. If they are borrowing money, claiming to need it for bills that never get paid, then it is a cause for alarm. If their possessions are continually decreasing without being replaced, it may be because they are selling things for more drug money and if their refrigerator is lacking in the food department, they may not be worrying about spending money on groceries as much as their drug habit.

If a loved one is not confronted from the people that care for them the most, the addiction will continue. Often, the only people that can pull them out of it, and get them the drug rehab outpatient or inpatient program that they need, are the people that do not want to believe the truth. The first step to helping a loved one trapped by an addiction is to accept that it is real. Pay attention, see the signs and face the truth for the sake of the one who is trapped.