5 Benefits of Getting Your Teeth Cleaned

Plenty of people have a habit of skipping their teeth cleaning with the dentist. That is truly unfortunate for their oral health, since this painless procedure can do a lot for their smiles, both cosmetically and physically.

1. Better Breath

Bad breath is often caused by bacteria growing in small food particles trapped in the mouth. Having a thorough teeth cleaning will instantly sweeten your breath. Your dentist or dental hygienist can see plaque buildup that you may have missed, even if you regularly brush and floss.

2. Fewer Cavities

Regular cleanings will help reduce bacteria in your mouth, which will in turn help prevent cavities (Source: C U Smile Dental Care). This painful damage to your teeth can often be avoided with simple cleaning, saving you both discomfort and money.

3. Brighter Smile

Your dentist has tools that go beyond a standard drug store brush. These tools can remove built up or calcified plaque to give you a brighter smile. Your dentist can also advise you on how to remove stains and get whiter teeth through other methods if cleaning leaves you wanting an even whiter smile.

4. Catch Potential Problems Early

Cleanings aren’t just about the immediate future. While your dentist is examining your teeth, he or she may discover larger problems that need to be addressed. While no one enjoys hearing that they need more serious dental procedures or medication, finding out early is always better. Your dentist catching a problem early may be the thing that saves your teeth.

5. Feedback on Your Dental Hygiene Habits

Everyone knows the dreaded question: Have you been flossing? Furthermore, a large percentage of us will lie when we answer. While hearing that you’ve been missing things in your dental hygiene routine isn’t fun, it can be important to your oral health. A little advice from your dentist about how to best keep your teeth clean can prevent a myriad of problems, such as gum disease and cavities. A little awkwardness now can save you a lot of pain and expense later.

While getting your teeth cleaned may seem like a chore, there are plenty of benefits to this simple task. If you want to have a bright smile, good breath, and excellent health, getting regular cleanings are the key. Seeing your dentist or dental hygienist before a problem arises is easily one of the best things you can do for your health.