Which Manicure is Right For You ?

If you haven’t had your nails done professionally for a while, you might be a little overwhelmed at the amount of choice when you come to book a manicure at your local salon. From classic manicures to Shellacs and strengthening treatment, the growth in the range of nail treatments has been huge in recent years. So let’s take a look at the options available before you book yourself in for an appointment, to help you find the right type for you.

Classic Manicures

A manicure is more than getting your nails painted, and that’s why treatments such as full manicures and French manicures remain so popular. As well as giving you a stylish coating of polish, you also get your nails filed, your cuticles soaks and trimmed, and a hand massage that makes it such a relaxing bit of me time. These salon treatments leave you looking and feeling glamorous at the end!
However if you are in a hurry, many salons offer express manicures before that important date, meeting or night out, so that you can have fresh looking nails in an instant. As salons have a huge choice of the latest colours, you can nip in to get a polish that matches with your outfit before you head into town.

Acrylic Nails

Are you a notorious nail biter or do you simply struggle to grow your nails? If so, acrylic nails are the perfect solution. By adding an artificial acrylic tip to them, you can finally have those long nails without having to use completely fake ones that are much less robust. These require infilling once or twice a month, but look fantastic when finished with a polish.

Bio Sculpture Gel

However if you’d rather work on improving the health and strength of your nails to encourage their growth, then bio sculpture gel manicures are a deluxe treatment. With the use of a clear or colour gel and UV light to strengthen and reinforce your nails, they have long lasting effects and simply need reapplying every few weeks at the salon.

Shellac Nails

For girls who are always on the go and can’t seem to make their nail polish last, Shellac nails have revolutionised the world of manicures. Giving you the striking colours and finishes of a nail polish, with the added effects of gels that strengthen the nails, they are resistant to chips and smudges. With a Shellac manicure, you can maintain your look without constantly having to remove and reapply nail varnish. They last for several weeks and you can choose a range of bold colours and finishes.
When you next book yourself in for a bit of pamper time at the salon, choose a manicure that will suit your nails and give you the finish that you want. Nail care not only leaves your hands looking more feminine and stylish, but also promotes the health of your nails and cuticles. Giving you fabulous looking nails with long term benefits as a bonus.
Article by Kelly Gimour-Grassam, a fan of perfect nails and advice according to RM-UK.