The Impact Indoor Air Pollution Can Have On Your Health

Nothing is more important than good health. When you’re strong and healthy, every aspect of your life is positively affected. That’s why you go out of your way to make smart choices day after day. From the foods you eat to those evening walks around the neighborhood…. you understand that living a healthy lifestyle is essential to living well. Unfortunately, when it comes to healthy choices, many homeowners fail to consider their environment. So, it’s time to discover the impact indoor air pollution can have on your health.

Your home may seem clean on the surface – but that doesn’t mean the air circulating inside of it is. Houses, apartments, and even office buildings can be affected by indoor air pollution. In fact, this problem is so serious that the Environmental Protection Agency (or EPA) has ranked poor air quality as the fourth biggest threat facing public health today. Further, the air inside your home can be anywhere from two to a hundred times more polluted than the air outside. It doesn’t matter whether your home or office building is brand new or much older…. indoor air pollution can happen anywhere.

Over time, contaminants (like dust, dirt, and other debris) start to collect inside of your ductwork. When this happens, those contaminants can be pushed back out into the air circulating in your home. The result? Air that is full of dust and dirt. Even if you remember to vacuum as much as possible, the air in your home can still affect the health of you and your loved ones. Yes, breathing air that is full of contaminants and airborne particles can lead to a number of health issues.

Indoor air pollution can impact your health, comfort, and safety. How? There are a number of symptoms related to this problem. Some of the most common include: difficulty breathing, respiratory problems, asthma, allergic reactions, coughing, sneezing, headaches, migraines, red and itchy eyes, nausea, and fatigue. Not only are these problems potentially dangerous – particularly for young children and senior citizens – but they can also cause you to miss days of work or even a special event.

The last thing you want is to breathe in unclean air. That is why it’s time to think about solutions. There are a few things you can do to improve the cleanliness of the air you breathe. The most important thing to cross off of your to-do list? Have an air duct cleaning performed. This should be handled by a professional company you trust…so shop around! The duct cleaning process is important, because it completely removes built-up contaminants from your ductwork. That means they are unable to get back into the air you breathe. Other clean air tips include: opening your windows and doors every now and again, vacuuming often, and putting welcome mats at the front and back entryways.

It’s time to get healthy. So, start with your home or office space. Remember: the best way to compliment good diet and exercise is by breathing in clean air. If you’re ready to say goodbye to indoor air pollution once and for all, put these clean air tips to work. You’re sure to notice the difference!

Or Sela has worked at Canaduct Duct Cleaning for over ten years. He knows how important it is to breathe clean air. His extensive knowledge of air duct services allows him to understand how a duct cleaning can benefit your health.