How Different Types of Treatments Can Provide Pain Relief from Knee Arthritis

Are you suffering from knee arthritis or osteoarthritis? Well both of them is one and the same condition. This ailment occurs when the cartilage surrounding the bone is damaged. This occurs at an advanced stage in one’s life and as such this is most common amongst the old aged people. Another variety of knee arthritis is the RA or rheumatoid arthritis. In this case both the tendons and ligaments are also affected hence it is suggested that one should take immediate medical attention as soon as the problem is detected.
These ailments can occur due to overweight, repeated injury or simply because the individual has aged. Generally young people rarely suffer from this and even if they do it is because that it has passed down from one generation to another rather than any other cause. This ailment is also common amongst sports players who suffer from knee injuries such as football players and so on.
The most common signs and symptoms of knee arthritis are swelling, inflammation, pain and discomfort. The most common sign is the stiffness of the knee joints. There is another sign which is the “clicking’ sound that happens when one flexes the knee joints.  If you have experienced any of these then it is best to get an x ray done in order to be sure of the ailment. In fact there are other methods and tests as well that will tell you whether you are suffering from this ailment or not. One is the blood test done and the other is an arthroscopy.
But is there no treatment for this ailment? Well there are 4 different things that one can do in order to improve his or her condition. They are discussed in detail below:
Exercise: this is the most common thing that the doctor will advise. We all know the benefits of exercise and how the correct ones can improve our overall condition. Combine your exercises with the correct diet and you are in your way towards recovery.
Physical therapy: these therapies aim at improving your condition by improving the mobility of your knee so that you can carry out your daily activities without any kind of hassle. Your doctor will recommend a set of therapies that you need to follow on a regular basis without any kind of cheating.
Medicines: there are several over the top counter medicines that one can buy themselves or they are recommended by the doctor in order to provide immediate relief from the pain. Aspirin is one such popular medicine.
Surgery: knee replacement surgery is generally recommended by the doctor when the condition is out of control and there is no other alternative. In most of the cases the doctors stick to the above three options in order to improve the patient’s condition. In case everything fails and the pain is severe then only the doctor recommends surgery.
Knee arthritis is one of the most common type of arthritis affecting millions of people across the globe. However if you seek immediate medical attention a lot can be done to improve your overall condition. Ultimately it depends on you and whether you would like to lead an active and healthy life.