Good Exercises to Stay Fit

It is necessary to stay fit to live a healthy life. In today’s busy world where people mostly ignore their health it is necessary to take a few minutes for ourselves to live a fit life. It isn’t about going to the gym for a fit body. Exercises can also be done at home. Exercise is important for the body but most of us ignore it. Some ignore exercise due to laziness others have a busy schedule. Exercise can be started with some ease on the first day it is not important to put too much load on the very first day. Some of the exercises that can be done to stay fit are as follows:

Walk: Walking is a natural exercise that can be done by people of all ages to stay fit and healthy. Walking stretches both mind and the soul. It is a dynamic process that creates a sense of rhythm. Walking energizes, awakens and stills the mind. Walking energizes, awakens and stills the mind to fully relax. Morning walk as exercise to stay fit gives many benefits, it affects the body as the overweight person can lose weight, it also benefits the heart and the lungs by strengthening them, the person gets flexibility in their body, and the person gets muscular strength and endurance.

·     Squats:Squat is one of the basic exercises that have the quality of all round fitness that one can do. This exercise works on several body parts at once. The body parts that are affected in this exercise include core, quads, hamstrings and calves. This exercise can be done in many different ways.  In the beginning the person should not put too much load of exercise.
·      Pushups:This exercise is popularly known in the name of exercises.  Sad many people do not take much advantage of this exercise .This exercise helps in shaping and curving the arms and chest. To shape up the chest and arms from weak and flabby make a daily routine to develop them by starting an incorporate pushups. They work on the chest, shoulders, triceps, back and abs also known as core. The prime key of pushups is to make a daily routine and incorporate different kind of pushups. This exercise can be done by both the men and women, the exercise of women are a little easier than that of the men.
·       Pull ups and chin ups: many women have a lack of upper body strength this can lead to lack of abilities like picking up a heavy box or a child, which requires the strength in the upper body. The best way to develop this strength is by exercising pull ups and push ups. Pull ups and chin ups are harder for women but that does not lead to sit back, with this exercises the muscles are build strong, along with the back and the front upper body.
·    Pilates and Yoga: These exercises work on the abs, back, arms, legs and the internal abdominal muscles. Yoga is a traditional Indian exercise that is now done by people worldwide for the fitness of the body.