Feel the Burn: 5 Remedies to Help With Muscle Pain After a Workout

The benefits of a strong exercise regimen are obvious. Unfortunately, getting in the groove takes time, effort, and getting used to after-work out soreness for many. The following tips can help you get the most from your workout and, hopefully, reap the benefits of staying within your exercise plan.

Bathe in Cold Water

There’s enough solid evidence to show that bathing in cold water, after a rigorous workout, can reduce muscle soreness. Getting the best results from cold-water immersion is effective only as compared to resting or doing nothing.

Get a Soothing Massage

Few things trump the soothing benefits that can be gained from a soothing massage. Often, 15 minutes is all it takes to reduce a person’s stress and soreness levels. It is believed that a massage can help reduce the amount of NF-kb proteins. These proteins are responsible for the inflammatory responses that can accompany exercise. It’s also believed that a massage can trigger production of PGC-1alpha proteins, which are crucial to muscle regeneration.

Keep Working Out

One of the best ways to ease muscle soreness is to light exercise. Your muscles are sore, primary, because they’re not used to the work routine you’re putting them through. Exercise gets the blood moving and delivers more oxygen to every part of the body. Oxygen and blood facilitate healing. Exercise can break the muscles down, and oxygen and increased blood flow can help build them back up. Workouts can naturally make anyone feel better. It’s the satisfaction one gets from starting and sticking with a plan.

Try Acupuncture

While acupuncture is not for everyone, you’re encouraged to take the plunge only if you feel comfortable with the process and you’re working with a trusted and certified acupuncture professional. Certain studies have shown that participants who were asked to do biceps and curl repetitions experienced substantial soreness relief after receiving acupuncture. Relief from pain lasted up to three days in some cases.

Use Elastic Sports Tape

Taping has its obvious benefits if you’re injury prone. It then becomes a choice of which elastic sports tape to use. Taping too tightly can restrict healthy blood circulation. The best sports tape could be that which allows for a fuller range motion while supporting the muscles during exercise movements. For the most part, elastic sports tape like KT Tape is a trusted remedy for protecting against injury, helping with pain relief, and even looking the part of an athlete.

It’s your world, and the more ways you can find to stay healthier, the better quality of life you’re likely to experience. Stay with your exercise plan. Eat healthy, exercise religiously, and give your body the rest it needs. The positive results will manifest. Remember, no pain…no gain. Life gets better when you know how to manage your workout pain.