Electronic Cigarettes- Quit Smoking Without Withdrawal Symptoms

Aside from having hundreds of toxic substances, tobacco cigarettes are also laced with nicotine. When using these cigarettes, a smoker inhales the nicotine which in turn gets into the bloodstream and stimulates the brain, hence the reason why nicotine is very addictive. When the blood level of nicotine falls in a smoker’s system, withdrawal symptoms normally kick in. That is why smokers who try to quit experience a variety of symptoms including; dizziness, irritability, increased appetite, inability to concentrate, and restlessness. These symptoms combined with an extremely strong craving for nicotine is what makes quitting very difficult. And this is where Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) comes in. Below is a brief look into NRT as well as the best form of this therapy.

What Is NRT?

NRT is a way of getting nicotine into the bloodstream without smoking. This therapy ensures that smokers looking to quit tobacco smoking get their nicotine fix without being exposed to the harmful side-effects of the traditional cigarettes. The best thing about NRT is that it greatly reduces nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Before starting to use NRT, you should first decide on which type of therapy will suit you best then set a starting date, and use your NRT product regularly and not once-in-a-while. You should also avoid taking in too much nicotine than your body is used to.
The Best Form Of NRT
Among all the various types of nicotine replacement therapies, electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) are arguably the best type. All NRT products be it nicotine gum, patch, or nasal spray, are highly effective, however e-cigs go a step further. Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered devices which are designed to look and feel like real cigarettes. They consist of a cartridge which contains flavored liquid nicotine and a heating device which turns the liquid into vapor when a user inhales. Aside from the vapor which resembles cigarette smoke, the tip of most e-cigs also glows orange while being used. This gives an e-cig user the impression of smoking a real cigarette. The design of an electronic cigarette to look and feel like real cigarette puts this device at a vantage position over other types of NRTs. This is because smokers will not miss holding a cigarette, a reason that is largely responsible for smokers failing to completely quit smoking.
The Effectiveness Of E-cig As A NRT
NRTs are specifically designed to help a smoker quit smoking. While smokers can decide to quit cigarettes on their own, electronic cigarettes are a good alternative that increases the success rates of choosing to live a smoke-free life. The nicotine level is reduced gradually over time until the smoker overcomes the craving and does not need nicotine replacement. With e-cigs, smokers receive smaller doses of nicotine with time, therefore becoming addicted to this NRT product is very rare. And hence the reason why electronic cigarettes are effective in helping people quit smoking for good.
E-cigs offer smokers an opportunity of securing their health by quitting tobacco cigarettes. They are the ideal form of NRT whether you are a heavy smoker looking to quit for good or have tried to quit cigarettes before but failed.
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