Ear Candles Act as a One Stop Solution to Many Problems

Holistic healing techniques have gained huge popularity around the world in the recent years. Most of these techniques draw their origin from the ancient world where they have been used for over hundreds of years. Ear candling is one such solution that is used in treating common ear problems and also a number of other ailments. Ear candles have gained immense popularity thanks to the numerous health benefits that they offer. They are in fact one stop solution to many problems. Let us walk you through some of the problems that can be cured using ear candles.

Itchy Ears      

This is perhaps the most common problem among all. It is caused by excess build-up of wax which causes the irritation. In adverse cases it can lead to Candida which is a type of fungal infection where the microorganisms thrive on wax. One or more sessions of ear candling can help you get rid of this problem.

Sinus Headaches

One of the primary causes behind this problem is the blockage that is created in the inner ear or sinus cavities. This can cause the pressure to build up causing severe headaches. With ear candling you can open up the blocked passages and get rid of the problem.


If you are experiencing a ringing or booming sensation in one or both ears you might be suffering from Tinnitus. This is a result of wax build-up within your ears and ear candling can help you overcome this problem.

Swimmer’s Ear   

This is an infection of the ear, caused by the growth of bacteria in the ear along with ear wax. This prevents water from clearing from the ear. It may be caused by swimming in polluted water or bathing with dirty water. Ear candling helps clear bacteria and cure this infection.

Does Ear Candling Have Any Side Effects?    

Ear candling is a non-invasive process and hence is completely safe. It has little or no side effects and hence can be performed on people of all ages including children. However, you need to exercise with caution and not use this if

· You have undergone a surgery in your ears recently.

· There are perforations in your ear canals.

· You notice swelling or a severe infection.

· The problems you face are secondary infections to a major problem or results out of drug reaction.

· You are sensitive or allergic to the materials used for making these candles.

What Precautions You Need To Take?          

You don’t have to take any major precautions if you are using organic ear candles. Since it involves burning of the candle you would need the assistance of a person who puts out the flame as soon as the candle reaches the threshold point. Quality ear candles come with a marking which allows you to understand when to extinguish the flame.

To derive the best results out of this healing technique, you need to choose organic ear candles. Such candles are handmade using beeswax, organic cotton and natural muslin. Skilled craftsman use traditional techniques to produce these candles and thus they are completely safe and cause no side effects in your ears. These can also be used in healing your mind as well. Ear candles come in naturally scented fragrances including Lavender, Rose, Orange, Bergamot, Rosemary, and Sandalwood and are being widely used in aromatherapy by professional practitioners.


Organic ear candles are being widely used around the world. They offer many health benefits and help in curing itchy ears, tinnitus, sinus headaches and swimmer’s ears. 

About the Author

Victoria Heathcliff is a medical product critic. She has been using Hopi ear candles products and writes reviews about them. Her advice is to use these organic ear candles.