CARTOONS- So much to see, so much to learn!

Enthusiastic Mind

Our minds are very impressionable when we are kids. We tend to have the capacity for instruction, familiarity and motivation. It is really important for a child to grow in a healthy environment as the brains development involves a dynamic mix of nature and nurture. Innocence and purity personified, they are unblemished by any corrupt thoughts or practices. They remind you of wet clay, enthusiastic and ever ready to be shaped in the manner the potter wants to mould them.


Children go through various stages of emotional and physical development right from birth till about twelve years of age. This is the period where they have extremely receptive minds and thus external factors have a major role in shaping their personalities. The emotional, mental growth and the stability of a child are immensely affected by these factors and determine a majority of his actions and habits.

The Idiot Box

Television sets have become a major part of every individual’s life in the current world. Mostly entertainment and sometimes education, television viewing in children comprises of cartoons and children’s shows.  Over the years, it has been noticed that there is a growing interest in cartoons amongst children and somehow it has almost become a primary action in most of their lives.

It is very rare for an individual to meet children who do not like cartoons or refuse to watch cartoons. Under normal circumstances, it is almost impossible to come across these situations. Educational cartoon films teach children a range of things at a very young age. There are so many things that the infants and toddlers start picking up, like so many different words and their meanings. They learn all this while tuning into things that are really appealing to them.  Also, cartoons remarkably improve the cognitive aspects among young children. Cartoons enhance the creativity among children at their tender age. They follow things that different characters do and thus do things in different ways. This lets their imagination and creativity grow and teaches them many things they wouldn’t have picked up at that age otherwise.
With televisions being one of the most fashionable inventions of the 20th century, a child’s exposure to televisions and cartoons is more than natural and almost a given in today’s world. Exposure to televisions for children is synonymous to ready access to the cartoon world. Cartoons respond to the children’s need and liveliness, it is one of the foremost reason for kids watching cartoons. However, with due consideration one knows that children under the age of 9 believe that cartoons are real.  They believe they can do everything that the cartoons characters do. Now for example, if we consider children who are around 6 to 7 years old, it is most likely that they think they can jump from the roofs to fly, climb on the walls like superheroes, make toys their best friends and refuse to have meals until these friends do.

Good Parenting

Everything that a child learns and sees till the age of ten leaves a huge impression on him and forms a foundation for coming years in his life. It is really important that parents have a constant watch and gaze about the cartoons that their children have access to. Parents have the perception that cartoons are television programmes that are prepared for children   so they can watch them as they like. On the other hand parents should keep themselves informed about the cartoons that their children have access to.  They should encourage their children to watch those cartoons which will not only entertain and engage the children but also give suitable messages to them. Or else, it is most likley that the best of cartoons will have unfavourable effects on the mental health of the child.

Cartoon Business

Amongst children there are preferences for the kind of cartoon each one likes. But they all have a common liking towards the Disney cartoons, Barbie, Popeye-The Sailor, Scooby-doo, The Flinstones and this list can go on. The new generation of cartoons including Dragon Ball-Z, Beyblade, Pokemon and they have their audience completely glued to their seats. This new trend is being tapped by cartoon companies really well. Every shopping mall and store you walk into today one is sure to see licensed cartoon merchandise. From playing cards to colouring books to cartoon school bags to toothpaste, each and every aspect has been covered by these companies. When a child walks into a store it impossible for him to look at all this merchandise and still not crave a certain item.  Children spend majority of their time in schools or in tuitions or playing games, each and every activity of theirs heavily involves the presence of cartoons in their lives. As television shows have their breaks the cartoon companies utilize these slots to advertise their cartoons. These commercials are made in such way that they immediately grab the child’s attention. It creates a sense of curiosity and they feel like wanting it as soon as possible. The cartoon industry is booming tremendously and companies are using every method that they can ideate to make the cartoons more and interesting. Thus, it is understandable how the cartoon industry is bringing in billions of dollars year after year.