Aches And Pains In The Morning? Modifying Your Sleeping Position Could Help in improve Sleeping

We all know that getting the right amount of sleep is essential. However, if you waking up with aches and pains it might be time to look at your sleeping position as not sleeping in the ‘right’ way for you, could be giving you some aches and pains. But remember, don’t forget to match your pillow type to the right sleep position.

Dodgy back? Read on..

For those with spinal aches and pains, there are two sleeping position suggestions:
1. On your back, arms at your side – considered the best sleeping position to maintain the health of the back, this position is good for your neck too but don’t use too many pillows. However, be aware, this is the prime position for snoring.
ii. On your back, arms up – also known as the starfish position, this is a great position to ease stress on the back BUT, for those people with a bad snoring habit or acid reflux, this might not be the right position for you. There is also the unfortunate problem of dead arms too.
Avoid, if you can the foetal position. This ‘on your side, knees pulled up towards the stomach position’ places strain on the back and neck. It can also, in extreme cases, reduce breathing too BUT, that said, pregnant women find this a great position, as do people who have issues with snoring. Just remember to make sure your pillows support your neck.

Digestive issues? There is a position for you too!

Some people find that sleeping on their front – that is, their stomach – helps with any digestive issues they have. But, the major issue here is the neck which will be tilted to one side or the other. This places stress on the neck and the spine can be knocked out of line too. If this is your favorite and natural sleeping position, get a flat pillow but you may find you also need to support the neck more.


Again, there are pros and cons to sleeping on your side. The spine is supported when you sleep on your side, with some suggestions that where you place your arms being important too. Sleeping with your arms raised above your head has the unfortunate side effect of cutting off circulation at some points; this means that dead arms is a common, painful occurrence.
But which side? If you suffer from heart burn, avoid sleeping on your right side and if you are pregnant, try sleeping on the right side as left side sleeping can reduce blood flow to major organs (not to a severe extent but can help with some niggles and aches!)

The right pillow or pillows is essential!

However, choosing the right sleeping position for you only brings advantages if you have the right pillow. In some positions, you need a pillow that not only supports the head, but the neck and shoulders too. Sleeping on your front, for example, demands very little elevation to the head and so sumptuous, over filled pillows will only cause more problems to the spine.
Guest author for this article is Pauline Beijen, Pauline has worked within the bedding industry for many years and founded Devon Duvets and Apillow.