7 Hobbies that Can Keep You In Shape

You know you could you use more exercise, but what can you do if you can’t stand the atmosphere at your local gym? Here are seven hobbies that are fun, engaging, and great exercise.
1.     Rowing
Rowing is a great form of exercise, but it’s not all basement machines or gym training for competitive crew teams. You’ll probably need to start by using a rowing machine, but once you are comfortable with the repetitive motion, move to a lake or reservoir. Rowing is a great way to get out on the water, get some sun, and visit new places. Take a kayak or rowing shell out to the nearest lake or visit a river for fishing and recreation, or consider joining a crew team for a more competitive experience.                      

2.     Hiking
Taking a hike is another great way to get some sun, whether you do it with friends or go exploring on your own. Check out hikes at the nearest national park or nature preserve. These hikes can offer incredible views up in the mountains, rock climbing and swimming holes, and historical sites like indigenous tribal paintings and pioneer ghost towns. Talk to a local park ranger about visiting natural attractions in your area like caves, waterfalls, and overlooks.
3.     Pitching
Put the skills you learned in college ball or Little League to use. You may want to start in the cages at the local baseball park, but consider joining a local or business league for the comradery of a team. Consider the services of a company like Reality Pitching to help you increase your speed and accuracy as well as to correct your technique.
4.     Laser-tag
Getting a group of friends together or joining a team for laser-tag is a great way to keep yourself active. Laser-tag requires quick thinking and reflexes; it can also increase your hand-eye coordination and encourage strategic thinking.
5.     Paintball
Like laser-tag, paintball is an excellent choice for an engaging and fast-paced hobby. Unlike laser-tag, paintball can also be played outside, which means you have endless options for battle terrain. Pick up this hobby to build some alliances (and make some enemies), decrease your reaction time, increase your hand-eye coordination, and gain some firearms training without the expense of ranges and ammunition.
6.     Dancing
Whether it’s ballroom dancing or weekly jazzercise, dancing is a great active hobby. The best part about taking on dancing as a hobby is that you can do it anywhere, and with anyone. You can join a swing dancing class at your local community center with your significant other, sign up for those professional tap lessons you’ve always wanted, or just lead your friends in a “Harlem Shake” to your choice of music in your own living room.

7.     Biking
Riding your bike is a great form of exercise. Switching to riding your bike to and from work can save you a huge amount of money on gas and decrease your personal impact on the environment while keeping you in great shape. Biking is also an avenue for exploring—try out mountain biking or following a bike path for a fun, healthy family outing. 
Contact your local recreation center, community center, or sports center to explore your local options. These hobbies can help you meet new friends, grow closer to your family, and have some good, old-fashioned fun, all while keeping you physically active. 
 Image Source: Pixabay