What You Can Do To Keep Those Aches and Pains From Coming Back

With age and injuries, it can be easy for aches and pains to develop for strain that is placed on the body. With physical therapy or proper treatment from a physician, the pain can often become alleviated on the muscles and joints with proper healing. Although you may feel better, it doesn’t mean that the aches and pains won’t return with time. Fortunately, there are a few methods to preventing the discomfort from returning.

Prevent Weight Gain

Gaining weight can put added pressure on joints and trigger pain in sensitive areas. Exercise can shed extra weight while also reducing inflammation. Perform moderate activities that include walking, yoga, or pilates, which can alleviate any muscle tension.

Develop a New Sleeping Position

For those who experience back pain, it’s important to choose a proper sleeping position that will prevent waking up stiff and sore. According to Alberta Back & Neck Rehab, a center that treats disc herniation in Calgary, a better sleeping position can take off pressure placed on sensitive areas of the body. A medical professional will be able to offer the best recommendation, as well as recommend any pillows and products that should be used. A pillow between the knees or under the hips can also reduce strain that is placed on specific areas of the body.

Stretch Daily

Stretching the muscles each day is an effective way of relaxing the body and reducing tension. It not only reduces the risk of an injury from occurring, but reduces stress that is put on joints with performing daily activities. It’s important to stretch the lower back, shoulders, and hips for proper muscular balance that will reduce soreness and pain from returning.

Take Supplements

To manage the control of aches and pains, UCLA physical therapist Ziya Altug recommends taking supplements each day to control the discomfort and keep it from returning. Chondroitin and glucosamine supplements are suggested for relief with osteoarthritis-related joint pain.
One of the worst fears for many people who suffer from injuries is that the pain will someday return. Although it’s possible that aches and pains are bound to develop with time, they can be prevented long-term with the right supplements and habits maintained. By taking care of your body and implementing a few practices, it’s possible to enjoy more flexibility and comfort without suffering from the effects of former pain.