What is Power Walking? – Power Walking Vs Running & Jogging

If you want to get various health benefits including fat reduction and fitness, you can use power walking workout which is simply an amazing exercise. The most important factor that guarantees the success of any fitness program is the passion of the exerciser either he/she is ready to perform his/her workout plan on a regular basis or this is just a sudden desire which will fide down within a few coming days. The experts believe in one simple rule and that is consistency in actions no matter whatever you are doing.

What is power walking and how effective and useful is it?
How is it better than running and jogging?

Continue reading further to find these answers to the above posed questions.

What is Power Walking?

Power walking is just a simple way of walking, but it requires steadiness and energy to generate the greater results. In this exercise, you have to utilize the movements of your arms and foot and to make it easier for your organs to move in a proper and easy way. In order to make your movements comfortable, you need to wear the sports clothes and shoes.

Power Walking Vs Jogging

Is power walking better than jogging? This question is often asked by most of the people. Actually, in power walking, you are supposed to walk at a brisk pace while keeping your one foot on treadmill or on the ground thought out the exercise. Power walking on treadmill further enables you to hold weights or swing your arms. Thus, power walking with weights is also an option depends on your choice. You take heavy breath but do not pant or sweat heavily which increases the heart rate too. On the other hand, jogging is an exercise with high impact and you have to keep your feet off the ground while your whole body weight at once touches the ground.

Power Walking Vs Running

Is power walking better than running? This is the second commonly asked question by many eager people who want to start power this workout exercise. If you compare the difference of walking and running, you will discover that walk consumes more energy and more time than the running, but power walking makes it possible for you to burn much more calories as compared to the running exercise. So walking is more effective if it is about burning huge number of calories.

Should I Do Power walking on the Treadmill or Outdoors?

Many people like to walk on treadmill because of the comfort, but outdoor walking has higher number of benefits in comparison of using treadmill. When you go outdoor walking, you can actually push and move all of your muscles from heel to toe which results in more calories burned. In the second place, you breathe in the fresh air which is really good for your sound mind and healthy body, and in the third place, you can have a chance to explore many new places where you have not been before.

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