Upbringing of Healthy Children

Bringing up healthy kids is a difficult task for all parents. Unlike other products that are launched in the market, children don’t come out with an instruction manual on how they should be brought up. As a result, there have been careers focusing on the healthy upbringing of a child and these professionals advice on some basic areas for parents to focus on when raising their children.

The best way to start a healthy life is with a balanced diet. If you make healthy choices as a parent, your child’s behaviour will be positively influenced in the future. You should give your family many options of fresh vegetables and fruits, low-fat foods that are rich in calcium, and whole grains. When you serve portions, don’t make them extra large. Give a reasonable size of serving and let your child decide when he/she is full. If you notice them eating too much, try to restrict their eating portions. Junky foods such as chips, candy, aerated water, and other foods that contain extra sugar and fats should be strictly kept away from children as much as possible. A sufficient amount of vitamin supplement is needed to help develop your child mentally, as well as physically. Always consult a physician before giving any such vitamin supplements to your child because as a basic parent, you may not be good enough to judge what your child needs.

Mothers may choose to undergo chiropractic care while they are pregnant and this will give their child optimum health even before they are born. A healthy diet, along with appropriate exercise, regular chiropractic adjustments and a stress free environment can help mother be prepared for a happy and healthy baby.
Other basic health tips include regularly washing your children’s hands to keep them away from germs. Look out for signs of bed wetting or nightmares and if you see any of these in your child, they are probably under a lot of stress. Talk to them about such issues and find a way to solve their problems. When your children go out to play, ensure that they have sunscreen applied on their skin and that they are wearing a hat. Many children nowadays are suffering from wheezing and other asthmatic problems. Lookout for such problems in your child and to prevent developing such issues, parents should stop smoking immediately.
Research shows that the hours of TV that a child watches is directly linked to his/her body fat. If a child is physically inactive, he/she is very prone to heart diseases in the future. Furthermore, the risk of obesity, diabetes and stroke is higher in a physically inactive child. For this reason, experts strictly recommend children and adolescents should have about 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Physically active children also have a higher self esteem and self confidence level. Always encourage your child to exercise regularly and this will help to instil healthy and fun habits in your child that could last a lifetime. 
About the author: Joanna Robinson is a nutritionist and a physical instructor. She is experienced in providing health related advices. These days she is writing articles about kids and the babystyle oyster