Top 5 Home Remedies for Panic Attack

Every human being has all types of feelings up to some levels. Emotions like happy, sad, anger, anxiety, panic, etc. But if emotions like anxiety and panic become uncontrollable it could cause serious problems. The panic attack is an overwhelming feeling of fear and anxiety. The person overreacts to the not so serious situation. When the person is under the influence of a panic attack it should be treated immediately, or the person can even die, in the worst case scenario.

Sometimes panic attack is an one-time incidence, but if it is a regular occurring situation, then it must be treated. If the attacks are recurrent, then there must be some trigger point which must be causing it. The trigger points like crowd, talking on stage, crossing bridge, etc. There is no specific place or time of occurrence of panic attacks. It could happen anywhere and anytime. Generally, it happens where the person is not feeling safe and secure. The attack can occur out of nowhere (abruptly) and it reaches to its severity in 10 minutes. The signs and symptoms of panic attack are as follows:
           Shortness of breath
           Heart racing
           Chest pain
           Light-headed and dizzy
           Tingling sensation
           Cold or hot flashes
           Losing control of the body and unreal feeling from surrounding
There is a treatment of panic attacks with the help of pills, but for how long would you take the pills? Therefore, in my opinion you must first try natural remedies which includes having a nutritious diet and relax and calm mind.
Breathing Benefits:
You must take deep breaths and loosen your body, when you realize that you are having a panic attack. Deep breathing reduces stress from your body, relaxes your muscles and reduces anxiety. The right way of doing breathing exercise is to, take a deep breath by filling your chest and stomach, hold it for some time, and then release it. Repeat this exercise several times and you see the magic.
You must complete a regular course of Folic acid and Vitamin B12. This will help fight against panic attack and anxiety. The medication overcomes the feeling of panic in a natural way. Siberian Ginseng is a natural brain booster. It controls the panic and anxiety emotions. Winter Cherry is one such natural remedy to overcome panic attack.
Exercise regularly, as it breaks down that extra energy which produces in the attack. Exercise makes you feel better and confident along with deep breathing of fresh air.
You must always know, that the panic attack does not have a physical form, it is just a sensation or feeling. Therefore, acceptance of the disorder will help you overcome it. Therefore, when you get one such panic attack, you will be able to control or minimize it by thinking it as a feeling which you can control.
Psychology and Allopathic medication treatment:
Depending on the severity of the disorder, a patient can require any of these treatments or both the treatments.
You must remember that a panic attack is a condition and not a disease. Acceptance of the condition and its treatment will help you to overcome it and live a healthy and happy life.
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