Tired of Dry, Itchy Winter Skin? Four Fast Remedies

Have you ever wondered why skin gets so dry and itchy in the winter? It’s because cold air carries less humidity than warm air. Dry air causes the skin to be dry in turn and to become flaky and sometimes itchy. The winter can be especially difficult for people who have dry skin all year long. But there are remedies that can keep skin hydrated even during the cold winter months. Here are four of them:

Avoid Harsh Soaps

Many soaps are simply too harsh for skin, especially dry skin. It’s better to use super rich soaps that contain ingredients like shea butter, glycerin or petrolatum. Bar soaps are less drying than liquid soaps, so use a bar like Crabtree and Evelyn’s or Clearly Natural’s glycerin soap.

Apply moisturizer

The face should be thoroughly cleaned and the moisturizer like Neutrogena Dry Skin Moisturizer or Olay For Dry Skin should be applied while the skin is still a little damp. Moisturizer should be applied with a clean sponge or the fingertips. Make sure that the hands are clean so they don’t transfer bacteria to the face. Use a nickel-sized amount of moisturizer. Warm it between the palms, then gently press it upward into the skin with the tips of the fingers until it’s completely absorbed.

Try Laser Hair Removal

Shaving irritates the skin and the more a person shaves the more his or her skin is irritated. The cold, dry air of winter only makes it worse. According to doctors who perform Laser Hair removal in Orange County, one way to combat the irritation of shaving is laser hair removal. In this procedure, a dermatologist uses a laser to destroy the follicle, which is the source of the strand of hair. Smooth skin treated with a moisturizer will be better able to withstand wintry air.

Take Cool Baths

Bathe in cool water. Don’t stay in for more than a few minutes and bathe only once a day. Also, the bather should use his or her fingers to wash and not a washcloth, which is also tough on the skin. The bather might also want to add oil to the water. Plain castor oil is excellent because it’s inexpensive, disperses well in the water and won’t leave a ring around the tub. If the bather wants to enhance the castor oil a bit, he or she can add about ten drops of scented oil to half a cup of castor oil and store it in a cool, dry place.
These four tips should help protect your skin from the woes of winter. We all know it’s tough to get enough moisture in the winter, and it is much easier for your skin to get irritated during the colder months. Try combating dry, crackled skin by giving your skin some extra attention every day. Using these simple remedies will help you avoid a rough winter and enjoy a smooth spring.