Tips on Keeping Your Hair Healthy

Maintaining healthy hair is a key part of hair care which involves hygiene and the cosmetology of the human hair. Humans tend to have different hair care methods thus also having different tips on maintaining healthy hair. The ultimate goal of hair health is to reduce skin infections that tend to occur in hair growing parts of the human body. There are various tips and effective ways of maintaining healthy hair by an individual, they include the following:

Washing and drying
Effective washing of human hairs with shampoo along with other washing products, although washing is necessary it shouldn’t be done daily if is to maintain healthy hair. This tip entails
·     Scalp massaging or smearing with shampoo for about 40 seconds before starting washing the hair. Massaging in a circulation motion helps in spreading out the shampoo and helps in reducing dandruff effects on the head.
·       Using a conditioner. Conditioner is always used after shampoo use by pouring the conditioner to the tip of the hair .It’s meant to provide moisture thus making it softer and easy to manage while combing which lowers chances of damage of the hair. A leave –in conditioner can be used after shower by spraying it well, this make the hair pliable
·         Also in the washing and drying an individual should avoid combing when the hair is wet as it becomes easy to break due to its stretching nature.
·         Drying hair is a proper way by using a blow dryer is more effective rather wringing hair with a towel after shower. After using a blow dryer to dry, an individual should use a heat protection sprays.
Eat healthy foods and have a good diet
Most individual consider hair as reflection of the overall health of a person. Individual who eat a lot of junk foods and drink a lot of soft drinks have a higher probability of not having healthy hair, this particulars tips provide for the types of food that one should eat in order to have healthy hair
·         Omega 3 is a fatty acid that ensures good skin, hair as well as the nails. Some of the foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids are Flax seed oil, some types of fish, tuna and walnuts.
·         Vitamins rich food with the vitamins B-6 and B-12 are also important for maintaining healthy hair. Vitamin B-6 can be found in spinach, white and sweet potatoes and bananas. Vitamin B-12 is largely found in dairy products which include milk, meat and fish.
·         Avoid junk foods and drink a lot water and milk.
Using hair products
Products use is also another tip of maintaining healthy hair, these products are important in the way of protecting hair from drying up and protection from harmful UV rays. These products include
·         Heat protectors, these products are used before subjecting an individual hair to high temperatures, these mostly are in spray form and moisturizes the hair also reduce breakage should also avoid daily activity of heat styling .UV protection and shielding products are also used.
·         Serum use on wet hair before drying up ,it helps in minimizing frizzing chance and also making hair ore softer and a times more shiny.
·         Masks are also used depending on an individual hair types ranging from oily hair to dry hair. Use of masks aids in provision of deep conditioning and also softening and enhancing the shininess of hair. Unmanufactured masks commonly used are avocado, honey, Oliver oil, eggs and almond.
Other basic hair health maintenance tips
·         Cutting or trimming regularly or from 6-8 weeks
·         Avoiding junk foods, smoking and a lot of caffeine.
·         Stress management
The above tips are more many other tips of keeping an individual hair healthy. Well maintained and healthy hair tends to have attracting effects especially if maintained by celebrities and models. Tips of keeping hair healthy have numerous dwpthus providing for an easier understanding of the healthy hair tips.