The Worst Drinks for Your Teeth You Didn’t Know About

As more drinks become available to consumers, what gets lost in the marketing of their looks and tastes is the threat many of them pose to a person’s teeth. Loss of enamel, tooth decay and stained teeth can result from long-term consumption of these drinks. While most everyone knows soda pop has been a hazard to having perfect teeth, there are many other popular drinks on the market today that pose severe problems to people’s teeth.

Sports Drinks

While helping people recover after a tough workout, sports drinks take a toll on the teeth. Unlike popular soft drinks like Coke and Pepsi, which contain high acidic levels, these drinks do their damage with sugar. The most well-known drink in this category is Gatorade, but there are many other similar ones on the market that are just as harmful to teeth.

Energy Drinks

Very popular with those who work overnight shifts, energy drinks are not extremely high in acidity, but rather do their damage with sugar. With brands such as Red Bull, Monster and many others containing twice as much sugar as standard soft drinks, they can stain teeth if used for long periods. Also, the sugar levels in these drinks combines with bacteria in people’s mouths to produce acidic liquid, which eats away at tooth enamel. It’s best to avoid these drinks based on the damage they inflict on one’s teeth .

Fruit Drinks

Despite being billed as healthy, these drinks offer plenty of hazards to teeth. While less damaging than other drinks, they should be consumed in moderation. Along with the amount of sugar in them, they are similar to sodas in regards to the acidity level. Fruit drinks such as Hawaiian Punch, Sunny Delight and others have acidity levels almost as high as Coca-Cola.

Fruit Juices

While much better for you than fruit drinks, which contain little if any juice, fruit juices such as apple juice and orange juice also contain high levels of acidity. As with other drinks, the biggest danger is damage to the tooth enamel and the forming of cavities.

Consequences of Drinking These Drinks

Now that you have learned about the issues with these drinks, you may be wondering why the issues are so bad for your teeth. Drinking acidic and sugary drinks can lead to cavities. It can also make sensitive teeth even more susceptible to pain and discomfort. If proper care and prevention is not done, drinking these drinks excessively could mean the loss of teeth, resulting in the need for dentures. Like most dentists, James R. Parsey, DDS., a dentist in Avon, suggests limiting your intake of these drinks while making sure to brush and floss regularly.
By being careful what drinks one chooses to consume, it’s very possible to keep teeth strong, healthy and beautiful for many years. Just remember that when thirst comes calling, think twice about what’s used to quench it and the long-term effects it may have on your teeth.