The History of Botox, from Sausage Poison to Wrinkle-Treating Wonder

It is not long since a certain toxin called Botox was approved as a treatment for removing forehead and eye wrinkles, making anyone look younger with only one quick and pain-free injection. But the history of Botox goes a long way back.

The Sausage Poison Contaminating Meat

Almost two centuries ago, in the 1820s, Dr. JustinusKerner analyzed some altered blood sausages which had killed several dozen people. The German physician discovered a toxin inside the sausages which he suggestively named “sausage poison.” He also coined the term botulism, used to describe a paralytic illness caused by the botulinum toxin present in altered food. Later, in 1897, Emile van Ermengem, a Belgian bacteriologist, was asked to analyze the batch of meat that killed three people and left 23 others paralyzed. He discovered that it was the same botulinum toxin that killed those people, and that it was produced by a bacterium which he named Clostridium botulinum. It wasn’t until 1928 that the toxin was purified for the first time by Hermann Sommer and Tessmer Snipe.

From Sausage Poison to Eye Treatment

In the 1960s, it was discovered that botulinum toxin could relax the muscles. This determined Alan Scott, an ophthalmologist from San Francisco, together with Edward Schantz, to develop a standardized preparation of botulinum toxin designed for therapeutic uses. In the 1970s, Alan Scott used his newly-developed product on monkeys. After several successful experiments, he officially tested his BTX-A product on humans in the 1980s. He used to treat strabismus, or crossed eyes, and blepharospasm, or uncontrollable blinking. 

From Eye Treatment to Botox Cosmetic

In 1992, Dr. Jean Carruthers, a Canadian ophthalmologist, noticed that when treating her patients with botulinum toxin, their frown lines diminished. Carruther’s husband was a dermatologist, and the two published a study on the cosmetic uses of BTX-A. More studies reached the same conclusion. The product could successfully be used in treating frown lines. Therefore, on April 12, 2002, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved botulinum toxin type A, or Botox Cosmetic.

Botox Today

Botox is used to treat both moderate and severe frown lines and wrinkles between the eyebrows. Immediately after it was officially approved, facial aesthetics reached a whole new level. Botox is no longer a synonym for Hollywood stars. Now used in the medical field throughout the world, any plastic surgery clinic and many cosmetic clinics can perform this simple operation, a fast and painless injection, all for a reasonable price that anyone who wishes to look young again can afford.
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