Superfoods for Healthy Eating

Eating healthy is very important for maintaining our health and wellbeing. It is true that this is not that simple to do, considering the fact that healthy foods are not that tasty as regular, sugary foods. That is why we must do whatever we can to eat more healthy, eco-friendly food whenever we can. Here are some superfoods for healthy eating that you might find enjoyable.


We have all some to enjoy eating our eggs. Egg eating is truly a fantastic experience; that in both healthy and ever so delicious. Eggs have this amazing quality to combat cancer wherever they find some, and are the cornerstone of many worthwhile recipes from all across the globe. Eggs are great for they are surrounded in mystery as well as misunderstanding. Yokes for example are not as harmful as people think! You cannot die from eating just one egg. Having about 6 yokes per week is totally fine, as long as you are not suffering from some inherit disease.


This is probably the healthiest variety of fruit in existence! It is jam-packed with good antioxidants which are essential for giving your body a fighting chance against diseases. Berries have this amazing ability to protect people from cancer, and prevent most known heart diseases. Blueberries are also good for achieving a balanced mental state and are essentially a great food if you wish to stay in shape. Eating at least 10 blueberries a day can extend your life, up to 0.3%!

Dark, Leafy Greens

When we talk about the ultimate healthy food, we cannot miss the extraordinary dark, leafy vegetables, such as kale, lettuce, spinach, swiss chard etc. There leafy greens are indeed very healthy. They contain iron vitamin A and lutein for better eyesight. Make sure that you eat plenty of these dark, leafy greens, especially if you are a woman. Note, that those kinds of greens are completely, 100% fat free!


Beans are the food of the future. They can be stored in a whole variety of different ways and cooked with many different spices and vegetables. Bean are the plant which has the most fiber, as much as about 17g of pure, delicious fiber. We should eat at leasts 3 cups of beans, boiled and seasoned to taste. Beans not only fight cancer, but also heart disease; diabetes, high-blood sugar etc.


When we talk about the perfect fruit, we must mention the amazing power of the lemon. They are yellow and very healthy as well. Lemons have been used for a natural antioxidant for quite some time now, and are found to have a lot of live-nurturing vitamin C. Lemons are also responsible for balancing pH levels in the body, while promoting good, and well-balanced supply of vitamins and minerals. The good thing about lemons is that you are free to eat them anyway you see fit. Squeeze a nice glass of lemon juice why don’t you, or have a nice lemon pie.

Dark Chocolate

When we talk about chocolate it is usually how to cut it down, rather than eating it. The truth is dark chocolate is not ‘harmful’ in any way. The sugar that is added later however is. That is why we get our chocolate only if it is unsweetened, natural chocolate. It has two main traits that everyone seems to benefit from; it promotes low blood pressure as well as being a natural anti-depressant.
Author Bio: Connie Jameson likes to write on different topics related to health and fitness. She is currently working for spends most of her free time practicing yoga or swimming. She knows how important is the healthy eating when doing some sport and decided to share her knowledge.