Skin Care: Add Dark Chocolate To Your Beauty Regimen

If you are finding out reasons to eat dark chocolate, here are a few ones. People believe that eating chocolate may be harmful for their health and skin. It may be true for some other varieties of chocolate but dark chocolate is actually good for your skin. Adding it to your beauty regimen may boost your skin, making it radiant and youthful.

Since dark chocolate does not contain added milk solids, it has a much pronounced flavor with a bitter aftertaste and chalky texture. If you have a weakness for chocolates, switching to dark chocolate is best it has many beauty benefits along with being healthy when consumed in moderation. The few ways dark chocolate may benefit your skin are:
#1 Protection from UV rays
Our skin is prone to harmful UV rays of sun whenever we step out in the sun. Even after applying sunscreen lotions these rays may cause sun damage leaving your skin looking dull. On the contrary, consuming dark chocolate may prevent such damage. A recent study revealed that people eating 20 grams of dark chocolate for 12 weeks made them stay in sun without burning twice as long in comparison to those who do not eat.
Dark chocolate is exclusively high in a phytonutrient called flavonols. These have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that reverse sun damage. They check free radicals and protect the skin from damage like sun burns, dark spots and even wrinkles. It also prevents skin from cancer caused due to sun rays. When consumed on a regular basis it may reduce redness and dryness of skin when exposed to sun for prolonged periods.
A few studies show that cocoa beans (the main ingredient of dark chocolate) may also be applied topically on the skin to reduce sun damage.
#2 Skin repairing
Dark chocolate may provide a boost of moisture to your skin leaving it radiant. Since it is rich in antioxidants, it repairs skin damage in a fast and effective way. Akin to this, it provides various other nutrients like calcium, iron, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B1 and vitamin D. These nourish the skin from within and provide a glow to it. Vitamin E and vitamin C are beneficial for maintaining the beauty of your skin. It may even be applied topically along with other oils to moisturize and remove dead skin cells.
When consumed in combination with caffeine, dark chocolate may enhance skin detoxification and helps in removing dead skin cells leaving behind the fresh new skin.
#3 Reduction in breakdown of collagen
Breakdown of collagen often occurs due to excessive stress and poor lifestyles. Eating processed foods that are nutrient deficient contribute to acidic pH of the body. Such condition releases stress hormones from the body, which contribute to dull skin and acne. Excessive stress leads to breakdown of collagen resulting in wrinkles and fine lines. 
#4 Delay in skin aging
Though aging may depend on many factors, one of the most common reasons are improper nourishment, protection and moisturizing of your skin. These conditions often makes you look older than your actually are. 
Since dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants, it prevents skin aging. When consumed on a regular basis, it helps is many ways by protecting the skin, nourishing and moisturizing the skin and reducing fine lines. It also boosts overall health thus providing you a youthful look.
#5 Improved blood circulation
Dark chocolate is known to improve the blood circulation in the body. This is not only good for keeping hypertension away, but also improve the color and texture of your skin. Enhance blood circulation provides a rosy tint to your skin making it more beautiful. Dark chocolate aids opening up of blood vessels and arteries reducing stress and anxiety, which are again the precursor of damaged skin cells. Reduction in stress results in prevention from wrinkles and fine lines.
So, whether you eat it or apply it directly to your skin, dark chocolate only has its skin replenishing properties to offer. It is also good for your hair and overall health. It boosts cardiovascular health and also reduces cravings. It is noteworthy to consume it in moderation as it may contain high amounts of fats too. Before buying check labels and only buy those which have over 70% of cocoa for proven beneficial results.
Author Bio:
Julia Taylor is a blogger for SkinTagFree who contributes her knowledge on various skin care issues. Actively attending affiliated seminars and networking events in the world of beauty.