Six Things to Put on Your To Do List This Year for a Healthier Life

The simplest steps to good health are the ones we postpone the most often. Make this the year you resolve to take those healthy steps. Get out your calendar or resolution list and start writing down the things you want to change this year. Most people make new years resolutions, but few and far between actually keep them. Here are six simple changes you can make to start this year off right.
Take a Walk
Exercise is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. It’s also the easiest to put off. Walking has many advantages. You can do it from home, after work or with friends on the weekend. Walking outdoors adds the health benefits of fresh air and sunshine. Add a walk to your calendar three times a week. If you haven’t been a regular exerciser in the past, walking is a great place to start. It isn’t strenuous and can be easily added to any schedule. Try walking to work, or go to the mall to just walk around and window shop.

See the Doctor
Now is the time to schedule your annual medical checkup for you and for everyone in your family. Don’t wait till you or your loved ones are sick and end up in the emergency room. At an annual checkup, your doctor can see how you’re doing and give you advice on any problems. Don’t wait till you fall sick, if you have been putting off your medical exam, schedule it today. Annual medical checkups can help make you aware of any medical problems that might be arising before they become serious. If you know ahead of time that your blood pressure or cholesterol is rising, you can take natural steps to get them under control.
Check in With Your Dentist
A regular dental checkup is also a priority. Dentrix Dental Care recommends you see your dentist regularly for comprehensive care. This way you can catch any cavities or gum disease before you have a toothache and require emergency dental care. If you are in need of a brighter smile this year, teeth cleaning or whitening in Calgary is a good place to start. Dental health can help improve your self esteem and confidence as well as your general health.
Eat Breakfast
A healthy diet starts with a good breakfast. You’ve heard it before. This is the year to take that simple step. Giving yourself good nourishment in the morning helps you keep your energy up all day. Then eat a balanced lunch and a good dinner. Replace your midday snacks with healthier alternatives, such as fresh fruit and yogurt. Avoid sugary snacks. Your energy level will improve right away. If you don’t have time for breakfast, at least grab an apple or some granola. A little something will give you the extra energy and get your body working for the day.
Get Enough Sleep
Getting a good night’s rest is very important for maintaining a healthy balance. Pay attention to the simple steps you can take to improve your sleep. Eat lightly or not at all late in the evening. Restrict caffeine intake to the morning. Do your paperwork at a desk or table, never in bed. Stick to the same schedule throughout the week so that your body knows when it is supposed to rest and rise.
Socialize With Friends and Family
Having a strong social circle is one of the best things you can do for your health and longevity. Having fun is not an option, it’s a health requirement. Enjoy your friends and family. Spending time relaxing with people you care about is a great way to minimize stress and improve mental health.
If you have consistently made and broken health resolutions in the past, now is the year to change. You don’t have to make any major commitments in order to start living a healthier life. Things as simple as scheduling a doctors appointment or walking a couple times a week can help you to make this year a healthy one!