Simple Remedies for Pink Eye or Conjunctivitis

Pink eye is popularly known as conjunctivitis is an allergy of inner portion of the eye which harms the protective shield of eyes. This may be caused due to several reasons and target any person of any age. This is not like any kind of serious disease but continuous ignorance may harm the eye sight of a person partially. Therefore, it must not be avoided and one must start the simple cure after noticing the starting symptoms.

Many people used to suggest simple home remedies for pink eye to cure it at starting level. Some of them are shared below:
  • Use water – It is the simplest and the preferred cure for eyes. Frequently wash the hands and eyes. You can use soap for hands but avoid it for eyes. Rinse your eyes with normal and clean water, normal mean it never be too cold or too warm for your eyes. During and after washing your eyes don’t rub them, it may increase the allergy. If you are using any towel or tissue, do not share it with any person especially with children.
  • Rose water – It is not only used as essence in the dish or as an ingredient to enhance your beauty product, it is as much effective to cure pink eyes too. You can use directly on eyes as well as with cotton dipped in it. It will give relief to your eyes and prevent itching and irritation.
Using home remedies for pink eyes one can feel relaxed and better. It is also advised that, consulting a physician is also important to prevent increasing infection. The above tips are just to cure irritation and did not a replacement of proper treatment. Thus, go for remedies as well as treatment and take care f your eyes.