Should I Create My Own Fitness Program ?

A great way by which to really get involved in your working out schedule is to make your very own fitness program, and follow it too! You might be asking yourself – why should I make my own training program where there are literally millions of readily available programs on the internet? Well, we will discuss that in  a moment. The thing to remembered now is that making your own fitness program is the next step towards achieving your desired body results. Here is why:

Advantages Of Creating Your Own Fitness Program

There are quite numerous indeed! First and foremost you get to choose on what part of your body you will working on. If you lack chest, then do that. If you want to get your butt into shape, do more squatting and stuff. Using a personal trainer and asking your doctor about every little thing is not the right way to handle the situation, but of course that depends on any pre-existing medical condition that you might have (but we will expand more on that later). Aside from being able to choose which part of the body to train, creating your own fitness program also boasts creativity; independent thought etc. etc. Actually, that is the key word here – independence. Being independent of your trainer (because trust me, after a while you will regret ever eating ice crème in your life), and having your own incentive about training is what lifting weights, running marathons, climbing walls is all about. Making your own program would also push you towards better realizing your objectives; just make sure that you don’t push yourself too hard.

Disadvantages Of Creating your Own Fitness Program

Like I mentioned above, if you suffer from any medical conditions it is better to consult your physician about what you can and what you cannot do while training. Hiring a professional trainer will also benefit your endeavor in a way, which would allow you to avoid any injuries (although we all know the saying “no pain, no gain”). Of course pain is a metaphor here, for damaging your muscle tissues beyond the point of which they can be repaired by the body. I am not saying that a trainer or a doctor knows your condition better than you know yourself, but actually that is exactly what I am saying! Don’t try to be a hero and lift weights that are obviously beyond your abilities. If you have torn a muscle before, it is highly unadvisable that you continue your training without the proper assistance. Also, a great advantage of having a pre-existing training regiment is that you know exactly what to do when. This is especially helpful if you are not well into the whole ‘ the science behind the fitness’ know-how. As far as diets go, it is better to ask a nutritionist about your proper caloric intake. Taking too much or too little calories can be very detrimental to your endeavor.


So far so good, we have discussed the pros and cons about creating your fitness program. If you feel like trusting your own knowledge and expertise, by all means go for it. If you however need the guidance of a trusted fitness official, do that. The important thing is that you are working out!
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