Recovering From Injury: Five Helps for Healing

For those suffering from an injury, the first goal is trying to recover as quickly as possible. Although it takes time to heal, there are many ways to promote proper healing and ensure the most effective recovery possible. Take a look at these tips to promote healing inside your own body.


Resting is crucial after any type of injury to prevent further damage or pain from occurring before getting it examined. Rest will also allow the body to heal without interruption, even if it involves using a splint, or elevating the injury. Without proper rest, it can prolong the healing time and even involve longterm pain or disability. Don’t wait to get an injury in a place where it can settle and rest. If you continue overusing the muscle you could do further damage so be sure to pace yourself.

Apply Ice

Ice should be applied immediately to an injury and have a cloth in between the ice to prevent harming the skin. Apply for 10 minutes before removing, then icing the injured area once again for another 10 minutes. Continue this repetition three times a day for the first three days after the injury occurs. Heat can also be a good treatment of an injury depending on the type. Check to see what type of injury warrants what treatment.

Set Goals

Setting goals with any type of injury will make it easier to heal faster with a positive mentality that can track progression. Talk to a physical therapist about realistic goals that can be established without pushing your body too hard and putting more strain on the injury. Make a weekly chart to keep yourself motivated during the healing time.

Seek a Physical Therapist

Seeking out a therapist from an occupational therapy graduate school will provide a great way to know what exercises to perform each day to promote healing without harming your body even more. The students might also offer a lower cost than a physical therapist. Low intensity movements will help strengthen a targeted area and increase the strength gradually with a professional’s assistance.

Change Your Diet

Although many people may not realize that the diet can be linked to an injury, choosing the right foods can help the body to heal at a quicker rate and restore itself quickly. Consume a higher amount of protein, which will help to build and heal muscles, as well as vitamin C, which creates collagen and can heal ligaments and skin injuries. Avoid junk food that is packed with empty calories, as it’s a time when your body will need the most vitamins to repair the damage.
Injuries can occur with any activity or sport, making it important to be prepared if it happens to ensure your body has the chance to fully recover and strengthen itself again. It will make it easier to prevent permanent pain from occurring, and ensure that you’re active again in a shorter period of time.