Preparing And Planning For Quoting Smoking

Smoking is a blend of gases and small particles, which are made up of tar, nicotine and water. The tar is a muddled mix of hundreds of toxic chemicals and many of which are the prime reasons behind fatal diseases, including cancer like nitrosamines, benzpyrene, etc. If you are a chain smoker, then you need to do the hard work if want to quit. You must make a plan to provide quitting smoking main concern over other tasks for minimum 1 month, when it is quite difficult. Below, we have given some tips that you need to follow:

You need to decide prior to your set day for quitting smoking, whether you require nicotine chewing gum or other things to help you. It is suggested that select time when you are not in more pressure due to other tasks and do not keep it for long. Remember, one week is enough for preparation but if any social circumstanced forces you to delay quitting for a month, you must take lower-tar cigarette in the meantime.

Do not tell too many people that you are going to stop smoking as it is not helpful sometimes. It is advisable to look support from your friends, family members, and to tell the reason if your difficulties are perceived at work.

Make a list of your reasons for quitting. Ensure all the cigarettes, lighters or ashtrays are removed from your room or home on the night before your stopping day.

Once you have quitted smoking, keep these things in mind:

Keep away from smokers as well as other enticing situations after you have quitted smoking. May be you have to change or leave some of your regular activities or habits for a few weeks to avoid temptation.

If anyone offers you a cigarette, then say “no thanks, and continue the conversation on other subjects. Talking about that you have stopped smoking brings many subjects for discussion, so you need to keep it out of your mind.

Never think that you can smoke one or two cigarettes on a special event or occasion. You must avoid “occasional” cigar as well.

Extra care is required for new situations wherein you have not so far learned to handle easily without smoking like when you are in a holiday trip.

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There are lots of people who are well over the most awful in 1 month after quitting. You need to be very careful at this time as many people do mistake in this time period. The major reason for this mistake is negligence and lack of vigilance and care. When you have quitted, then the hardest time is over, be positive and careful.