Organic Homemade Holiday Gifts

The holidays are about giving from the heart.  What better way to truly show how special someone is to you than by gifting them with a Organic homemade Holiday Gifts ?  These gift ideas are chic, easy to make and light on your wallet.  Plus, they really say how much you care about the other person!

1. Homemade Herbal Toner
Gift someone with a refreshing, revivifying homemade facial toner!  Toners are hydrating and pore shrinking sprays that smell great and feel lovely.  But, on top of a quality cleanser, moisturizer and serum, adding a toner can seem like overkill to a person’s checkbook.  So a toner can make a wonderful gift and luckily they are a cinch to blend!
HOW TO: In a spray bottle, combine all-natural witch hazel with 2-3 drops of Essential Oil.  Try rose, lavender, basil, or marjoram for a lovely scent that will work wonders for your skin.
2. Homemade Bath Salts
Soaking isn’t just a luxury – it’s a medicinal remedy!  The gift of quality bath salts can bring not just a peaceful evening for your recipient, but loads of detoxing and healing as well!  Making bath salts with essential oils allows you to customize your gift to suit each recipient’s unique personality!
HOW TO: In a glass jar combine 2 cups of mineral salts and 10 drops of essential oil.  Try mint, orange, grapefruit, or clove.
3. Homemade Lip Balm
Ever wanted to craft your own lip salve?  The holidays are the perfect time to do it!  You can share your results with friends and family.  The lips are our most sensitive facial skin, so crafting your own treatment is a delight and a meaningful beauty remedy.
HOW TO: Pre-mix 1-part melted beeswax, 3 parts warmed sweet almond oil and 1 drop of essential oil for each lip-balm pot you plan to fill.  Then pour mixture into 1 oz. sealable pots and let cool.  For essential oil scents try magnolia, vanilla, cacao, or ylang ylang.
4. Homemade Sugar Scrub
Oh to give the gift of radiant, luminous skin and indulgent care.  A sugar scrub is a beautiful, gentle exfoliator that reveals new, lustrous skin and moisturizes at the same time. You can substitute salt for sugar in this recipe if you are looking for more mineral benefits.  But if you want a refined, delicate scrub then sugar is the way to go.
HOW TO: In a sealable jar combine 2 cups of brown or white sugar, 1 cup of oil (almond oil, apricot oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, or a combination), and 5-10 drops of essential oil.  Try lemongrass, ginger, or geranium.
Your thoughtful and organic gift will bring joy and relaxation to your friends and family! They’ll feel taken care of in the most heavenly way!