Oral Health: Five Reasons You Don’t Want To Skip Your Next Dentist Appointment

Most people don’t look forward to their regular visits with the dentist, but they play a major role in maintaining your overall health. Dentists can detect problems early to save you from expensive dental work and help keep your teeth healthy. Below are five reasons you should not skip your next visit to the dentist for your regular checkup and cleaning.
Prevent Oral Cancer
Knowing that you can prevent yourself from getting oral cancer should make you want to run to the dental office right now. Many people die from oral cancer every year. The good news is that oral cancer is highly curable when it’s diagnosed early enough. When you visit the dentist for your regular cleaning, he or she will screen you for oral cancer.

Prevent Gum Disease

Anyone can have periodontal or gum disease and not know it. When gum disease is diagnosed early, it is reversible and treatable. If it’s not treated early enough, advanced stages can set in. Studies have shown that gum disease negatively affects the heart, and some patients with gum disease have more chances of developing atherosclerosis and having a stroke. Regular cleanings and dental checkups, along with flossing and brushing, are necessary to prevent gum disease.

Maintain Your Teeth

Avoiding dental appointments can cause you to lose teeth due to gum disease. This could lead to you having to get false teeth. These are not very comfortable and can be embarrassing to some people. By visiting your dentist regularly, you can plan on having your natural teeth for the rest of your life.

Prevent Dental Emergencies

Never wait until your tooth is throbbing to see the dentist, suggests professionals at Genesis Dental of Utah. Regular visits prevent many problems from happening. The dentist can detect potential cavities and gum disease, and prevent these things from occurring with early treatments. If left untreated, these can lead to tooth and gum infection, tooth removal, root canals and gum surgery.

Maintain Good Oral Health

Strokes, heart disease, pancreatic cancer and other serious health problems are linked to gum disease. As mentioned before, by visiting your dentist regularly, you can avoid gum disease and other health related problems. Your oral health has a significant impact on the overall health of everything else in your body.
The next time you have a dental appointment scheduled, don’t skip it. The future of your teeth, gums and health are at stake when you don’t take care of basic dental needs.