Natural Healing – Six Ways to Relieve Pain without Using Medication

For many people, their first reaction to pain will be to pop a pill or two. However, this doesn’t work for everyone, and some medications can have dangerous or unpleasant side effects, not to mention the fact that some medications can be habit forming especially for those with addictive personalities. If you’re looking for a more natural way to treat your pain, you can avoid medicine all together and try some home remedies to relieve the pain. Read on for some ideas of how you can put the pills down and still feel relief from your pain.

A Hot Bath

One approach to alleviating stiffness in the joints is to soak in a hot bath. For many people, the heat of the water helps to reduce the inflammation in stiff joints and make it much easier to move freely. Proponents of Epsom salts recommend adding a two to three cups in the bath water in order to enhance the overall relief. The nice thing about this approach is that you are free to take a hot bath any time you like.


For some types of pain, the application of ice or cold will do wonders. This is especially true right after an injury, when the threat of swelling is at its height. If there is no cold packs on hand, it is a simple matter to place some ice cubes in an old sock, then break the ice into smaller chips. Doing so will create a quick and easy ice pack that can be applied directly to the painful muscles. Taking medication for the type of pain that comes from muscle pain might offer minimal and temporary relief, however, ice will truly help it to heal more deeply and thoroughly.

Cayenne Powder

If you’re not already aware, many people rely on spices or herbs to treat their pain, in order to use an entirely natural form of medication. Perhaps the source of your pain has to do with a toothache. In this scenario, relief is no further away than your spice rack. A little cayenne powder will help to deaden the pain. Use your finger to apply a small amount of the powder directly to the aching tooth. The heat from the powder will seep into the gums and help to calm the inflamed nerve endings.

Chiropractic Adjustments

The underlying premise of chiropractic treatment is that over time, the skeletal structure of the body can get out of line. When this happens, the pressure placed on nerves and muscles triggers pain and inflammation. By using adjustments to return the bones to a more natural position, that pressure is alleviated and the body’s natural defenses will be able to take care of the inflammation. Besides seeing a chiropractor for help with re-aligning your spine, you can also improve your posture and alignment throughout the day by using products like the Bodyline Back-Huggar to help the strain on your back. If you work a desk job, this back support pillow will help you maintain the proper alignment in your back without having to take painkillers to get rid of the irritation.

Dietary Changes

Food allergies can trigger all sorts of physical and emotional discomforts. Work with a medical professional to identify any allergies you have, and then eliminate that food from your diet. You may find that getting rid of the pain is simply a matter of eliminating anything that contains gluten or lactose. A simple allergy test might be the answer for what is causing your pain. If you find your food allergies are causing your pain, all you need to do is alter your eating habits in order to avoid further pain.


Another approach to natural pain management and healing is the use of meditation. Learning to center yourself and disconnect from that pain will often help the body to relax. With relaxation comes a loosening of tense muscles that could be the source of that pain. Like many other methods, meditation is something you can learn and use any time the pain level begins to get out of hand. People often forget that stress can cause physical pain to manifest in strange ways. If you’re suffering chronic pain, it might be caused by underlying stresses in your life. Meditation and relaxation will help you forget your worries, making it so your body doesn’t experience the stress either.
Don’t get discouraged if one method does not produce the desired results. Pain management is a multifaceted task, and may require the utilization of several methods at once. Keep trying and you’ll find the combination that works for you, which will further eliminate your need to rely on pain medications. If you’re struggling with a specific pain-related issue, don’t discount the power in natural healing. If all other methods haven’t worked for you, look into natural pain relievers that could help, and will be better for your body.