Men’s Hygiene: 6 Steps to Cleaner and Healthier Nails

Your nails can either make or break you – not literally though. Some people are quite particular and discriminating when it comes to their nails; no one can blame them because nails give an idea to people on how much you give attention to your hygiene. When you have untidy nails, chances are, you are giving people an idea on how much you care less about your personal hygiene and cleanliness. However, if you have clean nails, people would likely think that you are responsible and particular not only about your hygiene but by your health as well.

It is quite common for women to sport long nails. This is no problem to many of them since they tend to be more particular with their hygiene. However, for some men, having long nails can be problematic. Some men have more active lifestyle, especially those who do manual labor, sports, and other strenuous activities. Doing such activities make them more prone to having dirtier nails. If you are you are man who has little time to attend to nail cleaning or polishing duties, you should remember that it is a must that you take care of your hygiene, your nails in particular.
It is a must that you keep your nails clean so you will leave a good impression especially to people who you meet for the first time. Keeping your nails clean should not become a chore that you would find annoying to do; instead, you should make it a habit of yours. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to clean your nails without needing to attend nail courses or going to a nail salon.
1. Prepare the items you would need – For thorough nail cleaning, you would need lotion, nail cutter, washcloths, nail file, small tub with sudsy water, and lemon juice.
2. Soak your fingers – Soak your fingers unto small tub with sudsy water for at least five minutes. This step will make your hand and fingers softer and smoother, which will help you cut and clean your nails much faster and easier.
3. Wipe your fingers – Using a washcloth, wipe your fingers, pushing cuticles backward. This step will keep your fingers dry and ready for nail cutting.
4. Cut the nails – After doing the mentioned steps, your nails are now ready to be cut. Using nail cutters, gently cut and shape your nails into a U-shape. Make sure to cut off any hangnails as well because it can make your fingers uncomfortable
5. Use nail file – Once you are done cutting your nails, use a nail file to grind down and shape the edges of your nails. Do this gently to avoid cutting your fingers. Shape your fingers in U-shape for best results.
6. Soak your fingers again – For about five minutes, soak your fingers again, this time unto a small tub with lemon juice. This step will make your fingers healthier and smoother.
The mentioned steps are just some of the many ways you could do to keep your nails clean. If you really want to know more about caring for nails, you may want to enroll at nail courses. You may also ask nail experts for their advices, which could help care for your nails better.
Taking care of your nails can be both fun and satisfying. Seeing your nails clean and dandy will give you a different boost in self-esteem as you don’t have to mind people looking at them. Your nails give other people details about how you carry yourself and how you give importance to your health and hygiene. For men, cutting and cleaning nails should become a habit because it will keep looking sharp, responsible, and hygienic.