Know about Cataract

Cataract is a very common eye problem. It is affecting more than 60% of the population over the age of 60. The cataract eventually leads to visual destruction and then blindness, therefore it is necessary to remove cataract with the surgery. First of all you need to be aware about what is cataract and various causes of cataract.

A cataract influences the lens of the eye. The lens becomes clouded. The light coming from outside passes through the lens and reaches the retina to form a picture of what you are viewing. In case of cataract, the light scatters when is passes through the lens due to the cloud and fails to form a clear picture. Thus the image formed is blurry and distorted. This is the reason why people suffering from cataract have a blurry and distorted vision. With time the cloud become denser and eventually leads to blindness.

Though Cataract basically develops during the old age but that are times when cataract is present at the birth time. Also, sometimes it develops in the early days of childhood because of the genetic history. The actual reason of developing cataract has not yet been discovered. Some say that is developing due to the change in the structure of protein of the lens that happens over the years. In most of the cases, both the eyes are affected by the person though the rate of growth of the cataract in an eye will be different from another.  Cataracts have also been a result of the intraocular inflammation, severe trauma, or previously performed eye surgery. The other reasons that can lead to the cataract formation in the early years are smoking, some medicines, diabetes or extreme exposure of the eye to the ultraviolet rays.
The growth of the cataract is a very slow process and it develops gradually with time. The person suffering from cataract will start to have problems with the vision.  It will become difficult for him/her to carry out their day to day task like reading and writing. The vision becomes blurry and distorted.  Everything appears to be cloudy and the colors seem dull. They are not as bright as they were before. The glare will start troubling you more and you will start seeing halos around the lights. 
Nearsightedness will take place and you might require changing your eye glasses frequently. This might help you unless your cataract develops significantly. Your night vision will become very poor. There are good changes that you might have a double vision or an eye of yours will see various images at once.
It is very easy to diagnose a cataract by an eye professional. They make use of various equipments that help them to diagnose cataracts. They also have special instruments that will help them to tell how advance is the cataract and how much it has affected your vision. They will examine your eye. They will test your color vision, visual insight, understanding of the contrast, and how sensitive are your eyes for the glare. The professional at the eye care center may perform a thorough eye exam to check the conditions of the optical nerves and the retina. They might also perform a test that will examine the amount of pressure within the eye. The cataract gradually develops. The requirement of performing a surgery to remove them is determined by the degree of impairment of the vision. The case of development of cataract is different in each individual. There are times when the cataract is not sufficient to harm your vision and you may not require getting a surgery or getting it removed. On the other hand in some cases it develops so significantly that immediate surgery is required.
When you cataract comes to a point that you start facing problems in vision and it cannot be corrected using lens, the eye professional will ask to get it removed with surgery. The treatment is quick and the patient can go home after the surgery is performed. The most common method used to remove cataract nowadays is phacoemulsification surgery. This procedure of this surgery involves making a small cut in the surface of the eye and cloud lens is then made to dissolve. The remaining pieces of the eye lens are then removed using the probe using the suction method. Finally an artificial lens is placed and positioned.
After the surgery you will be asked to visit the doctor to check whether yours is in the proper condition or not. You will be prescribed to use some of the eye drops for preventing dryness, inflammation, and the infection. The study shows the most people have a very improved vision after the surgery.
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