Kitchen Appliances That Will Help You Live Healthy

If you’ve made the decision to live a healthier lifestyle, you may choose to make the majority of your meals at home. There are a number of kitchen appliances that can help you stick to your health goals and make you more creative when it comes to preparing your meals. Here are a few devices you’ll want to add to your kitchen space.

Crock Pot

A crock pot saves you time while providing the perfect cooking temperatures for you to create healthy meals. You can make foods like vegetable stew or cook lean proteins like chicken and turkey without frying the meat or adding unnecessary cholesterol. Simply add a few chopped vegetables, broth and the protein of your choice to the crock pot in the morning and let the meal cook all day. This way, dinner will be ready when you get home and you won’t have to worry about the hassle of prepping for dinner after work.

High-Quality Blender

A blender made from quality parts gives you the ability to make healthy smoothies and shakes that can give you energy throughout the day, particularly before you work out. Fruits like bananas, berries and peaches are ideal for smoothies, and you can add protein powders and vitamins to the smoothie to make the beverage especially nutritious. Adding oats or another source of fiber to a smoothie or shake can make the beverage a meal replacement.


You can use a dehydrator to dry fruits and vegetables and make the food easier to carry around as a snack. Dehydration preserves the vitamins and minerals in your favorite fruits, and you can even make snacks like sprouted crackers with the machine. This device is particularly ideal if you’re starting a raw diet.

Standing Mixer

A bakery-grade mixer is a must-have kitchen appliance if you want to prepare your own bread and baked goods. You can find discounted KitchenAid mixers in a number of places, such as Amazon, Mendingshed, or Ebay. These appliances have all the tools you need to make cookies and crackers from organic flours and healthy oils. Quality mixers also make it easy to use whole grains for your breads and desserts that are beneficial for your heart and can help to lower blood pressure.
You can find these appliances at your favorite department store, or find the items on sale online. There are a number of websites that offer affordable mixers, as well as blenders and crock pots at a lower price than what you’d find in stores. The more devices you’re able to purchase, the more versatility you can add to your nutritious meals.