Keep Your Skin Hydrated In Winters

Now we are already in mid November and our skin is getting dry and itchy day by day. Yes, it happens in every winter. Dry weather extracts moisture of our skin and leaving it flaky and cracked. We try our favorite moisturizers but they don’t hydrate our skin properly. Yes, it is not a pleasant feeling!  Here are few tips to keep your skin hydrated in this dry weather.

Don’t take extremely hot shower:

In winters we love to take hot steamy showers for long time. We should avoid it too much extremely hot water dry out our skin and damage it and possibly crack it. Do not take your shower more than 20 minutes.
Hydrate your body from inside:
Moisturizing your skin from the outside is not important than hydrate it from the inside. You need to eat warm and moist foods help in reducing the drying effects of the winter. Green vegetables, squashes, sweet juicy fruits, and lots of water are essential for hydrating your skin.
Don’t use alcohol-infused soaps:
Using fancy scented soaps and body washes can make your skin smell nice but these types of cheap soaps have side-effects as well. These soaps are often alcohol based that dry out your skin and takes your skins essential oils.  So always use moisturizing soap to keep your smooth and healthy.
Use humidifier at your home:
In winters outside your home the harsh winter winds dry out your skin and inside home the hot air from heaters dries out your skin. But you can use humidifier at your to return moisture to the air.  Also, make sure that the heat in your house should not be unnecessarily high temperature during this winter.
Protect your hands against dry weather:
Make sure to bundle up when you step outside. Your hands are particularly vulnerable this time of year. Yes, we often wash our hands again and again and use hand sanitizers to avoid spreading diseases which dry out our hands especially in winters, so always wear gloves when you are out of your house in cold weather and you don’t need to wash your hands over and over.
Use light cleanser in winters:
Do not use strong facial cleanser. Many of us use a facial cleanser that is too strong because they want their skin to be perfectly clean. But they are not aware that excessively harsh cleanser takes out important natural oil from your skin. So you need to use gentle cleanser and after cleansing a face, you can use Revitol skin brightener cream to keep your skin shining for whole day.
Use your best moisturizer:
Yes you need to change your moisturizers and sunscreen in winters. To keep your skin healthy and hydrated, you might need to use a thicker, more substantial moisturizer in the winter. You should moisturize once in the morning and once before bed.  Also, make sure that the moisturizer you use in the morning can protect you from harmful UV sun rays. Just because the sun doesn’t feel as strong in the winter doesn’t mean it can’t still harm you.  So you need to use moisturizer that can work as a sunscreen lotion also and protect you from harmful UV-rays.