How to Sleep Better ?

Sleep is the tool that god has given us for the good work we have done all day long and to get prepared for the next day’s chores. Sleep plays an important role in everyone’s life. It revitalizes us. However inadequate sleep has lots of harmful effects in our physical and mental health. Though it appears insignificant sleep plays really a big role. Here were are going to see how to sleep better. Inadequate sleep may lead to imbalance in body fluids, affect the circadian cycle, and affect the memory. The brain recollects stuffs that happened that day during sleep, so obviously good sleep is essential in building and strengthening your habits.

So let us see few ways to sleep better.
Turning off mobile phone, television and laptops are essential to get good sleep. There is this great syndrome of keeping always tuned on to social networking sites, this affects sleeping habits as well. To get good sleep your mind must be free before you lie down on your bed, for that obviously you must be away from such stuffs. Of course listening to news before sleep will keep your mind stuffed with those stuffs you listened to.
Bathing in warm water, listening to light peaceful music are other useful tips to get good sleep. Music as we all know is a wonderful healer; it has been found that it can be used to treat psychic patients. Make sure that you listen to soothing pleasant music. Because a wrong choice of music can ruin your sleep too.
Taking light food as dinner is also essential to have a good sleep. Drinking beverages like coffee, tea etc. should be avoided before sleep. Those are stuffs that keep you active.
It is really important to sleep at the same time. This maintains a cycle in your body.
This may seem insignificant but turning off all the lights and maintaining absolute darkness also helps in getting good sleep. A hormone gets secreted inducing sleep in complete darkness. Maintaining complete darkness is called as sleep hygiene in medical terms.
Keep the place of your sleep neat and clean. Take necessary steps to keep the pests at bay if you live in tropical countries adequate by pests. Drinking warm milk helps in secreting dopamine which induces sleep. Taking natural supplements that secrets dopamine is also wise to be consumed.
For people who have no other choice but to get themselves tangled in sedentary life style that this modern twenty first century imposes on its youth meditation is the best remedy.
Meditation relaxes and calms your mind. Frees your mind from thoughts and brings peace. All these can help in bringing good sleep. Practicing meditation regularly an hour before sleep can bring good sleep. Besides inducing good sleep meditation also has lots of other useful advantages. It helps you know yourself better, helps in framing good habits and leaving the bad old ones behind. It also helps in making better wise decision. The advantages of meditation have no bounds.