How To Control Low Blood Pressure Without Taking Medications

Low blood pressure, or hypotension, is a condition where the blood pressure of a person drops below the standard 120/80. Hypotension is observed in individuals who lack proper nutrition or are malnourished in general. Psychological disorders bulimia and anorexia account for most cases in the Western societies. But there are other factors that contribute just as much. Let’s have a look at some ways to prevent hypotension without taking possible life-threatening medication.

Proper Diet

The first step towards curing ourselves from this illness is start eating right. Does it matter that we no longer fit in our small jeans? Honestly, have you seen an over-weight person having trouble with low blood pressure? I think not! So whatever you do, do not starve yourself unless it is really important. A diet of 2000 calories can accommodate almost any lifestyle. The quality of the food is also important, but for other medical reasons. As far as hypotension goes, whatever food you eat is enough to keep your blood pressure in check. Healthy greens; complex ‘whole grain’ carbohydrates; lean protein and healthy fat is all you need to stop having that nasty “faining” sensation all the time. It is also a good idea to have something sweet in your pocket, just in case you start feeling sick. Smoking is also a way to cope with low blood sugar, but considering all the harmful effects of tobacco smoke, we can say that the risks over-weigh the benefits.

Dehydration Issues

When we are dehydrated, there is a whole lot of stuff that is happening to our bodies that we are not even aware of. The best thing to do when dehydrated is yes, re-hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of liquids. It rarely matters what kind of beverages you drink, but for lowered blood pressure, expert recommend drinking coffee, black tea or anything with caffeine in it. Energy drinks are a an excellent choice if nothing else is available. 

Control your Temperature

If you are an active person; doing sports, climbing rocks and what have you. There is a big chance you have troubles regulating your internal heating mechanism. This is normal and does not pose a risk for people with the standard 120/80 blood pressure. Body over-heating is a real possibility and the repercussions of this happening can be staggering to a person suffering from hypotension. The only way you can avoid that is by mindfully controlling your heat and cool cycles respectively. Dressing appropriately and drinking plenty of water will reduce the risk of rapidly falling blood pressure.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Aside from the obvious problems often attributed to binge drinking, consuming excess amounts of alcohol poses threat not only to chronic drinkers. But opinions vary regarding the effects of alcohol, and how it interacts with our blood. Usually alcohol increases blood pressure in healthy adults. Alcoholism might even bring about a condition known hypertension (chronic high blood pressure). But alcohol can also cause moderate to severe dehydration, which would further the problem once the effects of alcohol have subsided. Drinking in moderation on the other hand can in fact be beneficial for someone suffering from low-blood pressure. But if you follow all the instruction listed here, you should have no problem controlling your hypotension without drinking spirited drinks.
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