How Rodents in Your Home Can Be a Big Danger to Your Health

No one wants to think of a mouse or a rat running across the floor. Simply envisioning this scene may be enough to make you shiver and call an exterminator. However, an even deeper reason exists as to why you should take care of this problem in a timely fashion. Rodents can actually be a threat to your health, and the health of any other person and pet in your home, in the following ways.
Carrying Diseases
Whether you are dealing with rats or Vancouver sugar ants, these nasty creatures can carry diseases on them. These diseases can them be transmitted all over your home, and any people who are living in the house can catch them. Perhaps you aren’t worried because you don’t feel that a disease can come from a rodent to a person. They can, but even if that wasn’t the case, these diseases could hurt or kill your pets.

Rodent Bites

Even worse than watching a rat or mouse fly across the floor is being bitten by one of them. Of course, a bite can hurt, but this can also be a way for them to transmit diseases to you. They have lived outside and can be carrying a host of diseases, and some of them might even be fatal. These bites could also eventually turn into infections.


For some people, the problem might not be a bite or a disease that they get. However, they could simply be allergic to the animal. Some individuals are allergic to dogs and cats, so there is no reason why they couldn’t be allergic to a rodent. Some allergies just produce discomfort, but others can be deadly. Portland pest control and exterminator recommend giving this serious issue a great deal of your attention.

Bringing in Bugs

On top of the rodents being unhealthy themselves, they can also bring in bugs with them. These bugs can then become the secondary pest in your house. All different types of bugs can carry diseases on them, and you need to be particularly careful with mosquitoes. If the rodents bring fleas in with them, serious consequences can be in store for your pet.

Rodent Attacks

While rodents are not necessarily watching you sleep at night ready to pounce, they are an animal capable of attaching. If something provokes them, they might attack. Rodents can also be rabid, which means serious and potentially deadly consequences for people and other animals they encounter.
Clearly, the rodent problem is a serious one, and you should not waste any time in calling your local pet control services.